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Best Pictures of 2015: The GE Edition

Tomas Kellner
January 04, 2016
Every year, GE sends photographers, filmmakers and other visual artists around the world to document its technology in action. 2015 was no different. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet traveled to the high plains of Colorado to document how GE was testing its most advanced locomotive, pilot and photographer Adam Senatori visited three airshows on as many continents to get close to the latest planes powered by GE jet engines, and Chris New climbed to the top of an experimental wind turbine in the Mojave desert. Take a look at what they brought back and other great images from the past year.
peebles151 A LEAP jet engine in a testing cell at GE Aviation's test facility in Peebles, Ohio. Image credit: Chris New

Passport best copy GE Aviation's flying test best with a new Passport engine on wing is cruising over Sierra Nevada. Image credit: Wolf Air Vectorvision/GE Aviation

Sphere151 One of the strangest structures at the Peebles test site is a  honeycombed orb spanning 32 feet in diameter. Up close, the mysterious sphere appears like a translucent alien beehive. Holes in its surface control the flow of air inside a jet engine during testing. Image credit: Chris New

Sphere1 The sphere is made from an array of 300 flat aluminum honeycombs and perforated stainless steel plate panels of varying sizes. It weighs 30,000 pounds. Image credit: Chris New

EAANightAirshow The Experimental Aircraft Association's air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is know for its nighttime aerobatics display (Also top image). Image credit: Adam Senatori

CrowdDay1B&W copy Mornings at the Dubai air show are all about business. Image credit: Adam Senatori

20151109-102450-3 Afternoons in Dubai belong to flyovers. Image credit: Adam Senatori

Saudi Flyover Day2Lede Visitors in had their hands full. Image credit: Adam Senatori

EcoROTR_1 GE’s latest wind turbine prototype rises 450 feet from base to blade tips in the Mojave desert. Image credit: Chris New

EcoRoutside The turbine has a large spinning silver aluminum dome bolted to its rotor that can make it more efficient. Image credit: Chris New

ge_retouched_35a5890 GE's Evolution Series Tier 4 locomotive during a test run in Pueblo, Colorado. Image credit: Vincent Laforet

Tumbleweeds Laforet was taking his photographs from a helicopter. He got so close that its rotor blew tumbleweeds in front of the locomotive. Image credit: Vincent Laforet

Eric_Greenville15 Inside GE's new gas turbine test facility in Greenville, South Carolina. The hot air blowing out of GE latest 9HA and 7HA turbines could fill the Goodyear blimp in 10 seconds. Image credit: Chris New

greenville10_extra_large The compressor of a gas turbine in Greenville. Image credit: Chris New

LV1 This fall in Paris, Louis Vuitton’s creative director, the French designer Nicolas Ghesquière, used fabrics printed with images of jet engines made by GE and its joint-venture partners for his women’s ready-to-wear collection titled “Strange Days.” Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

SkullCT GE Healthcare's Revolution CT scanner can take incredibly detailed images of insides of the body. Image credit: GE Healthcare