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#AsSeenOn: GE, Keeping Up With The Volatile Oil and Gas Industry

August 24, 2017
Times are hard, and even more so in the oil and gas industry. Adapting to this rapidly changing environment is key.
Have you ever wondered how today’s oil and gas companies power through tough times to stay in the competition? On the 12th of April, Charlotte Chong from the Talking Edge interviewed GE’s Oil & Gas APAC General Manager, Visal Leng on how GE stays ahead in the ever-turbulent oil and gas industry.

Here Leng speaks about Predix, a cloud-based software platform that has allowed GE to securely collect data from industrial hardware, analyze them, before using the results to make them run better. GE’s portfolio of Industrial Internet solutions has helped customers across major industries in the Asia Pacific region reach new levels of productivity. Leveraging big data from intelligent machines and predictive analytics, Predix will help leading industry players particularly in the oil and gas sector, meet the region’s growing energy needs, while managing operational and capital efficiency.

Game changing? You bet. Find out more here.

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The interview was first posted on The Edge Malaysia’s Facebook page.