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The Vanguard

5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week

Tomas Kellner
April 07, 2017
Beacham first encountered augmented reality — which overlays graphics and video over the physical world — a decade ago in a science magazine. But the technology was still expensive and complicated, so he filed the idea away. He next ran into it two years ago at GE Global Research in Schenectady, New York. By then, kids all over the world had been logging thousands of hours on Microsoft’s Xbox and Kinect. A young GE researcher, Matteo Bellucci, who now works for GE’s Additive business, showed the technology and its AR applications to Beacham’s team during a regular monthly technology review. “We instantly saw the value of a system that can guide you during work and collects sensory information to notice mistakes,” Beacham says. “The price also got much better. We almost ordered one right there on spot.”