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3-D Mammography Tech: A new tool in detecting breast cancer set to make a difference in Singapore

September 20, 2017
While Singapore boasts one of the most advanced, efficient, and affordable healthcare systems in the world, medical officials in the city state constantly seek new ways to improve and address important health issues.
Encouraging more older women to have regular breast screenings is one of the current focus areas for local health authorities.

Why? Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore today.

In addition, only 40% of older women have received a breast cancer screening in the past two years according to research conducted by the Singapore Health Promotion Board. This is an important trend to address because the risk of breast cancer increases with age.

Although the best chance of early detection of breast cancer is through a mammogram, many women avoid regular scans due to fear and anxiety of potential findings, and exam discomfort.

3-D Mammography tech debuts in Singapore and ASEAN


To reduce fear and anxiety, and attract more women to have regular scans, Parkway Pantai hospitals in Singapore have turned to 3-D innovation.

On July 6, a ceremony at Parkway Pantai’s Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital marked the launch of GE’s latest 3-D mammography technology in Singapore – Parkway Pantai is the first healthcare group to use this solution in Singapore and ASEAN.

Designed with GE’s leading imaging technology, the 3-D mammogram aims to address the pain and anxiety commonly caused by mammograms by seeking to improve patient care during detection. It also delivers higher quality 3-D mammogram images at the same low-dose as a 2-D mammogram.

“At GE Healthcare, we are committed to helping bring screening and diagnostic technology to more women,” said Agnes Berzsenyi, president and CEO of Women’s Health, GE Healthcare. “We know that the key reason women don’t go for mammograms is fear of pain. We designed this new machine to make the experience more comfortable and to lower women’s anxiety. Our hope is that a more comfortable experience will help more women get a screening exam and detect any signs of cancer early when it is most treatable.”

Making a positive impact

At the launch, Phua Tien Beng, Acting Chief Executive Officer for Singapore Operations Division at Parkway Pantai said 3-D Mammography is set to make a significant difference in Singapore.

“More women in Singapore are being diagnosed with breast cancer each year. To address this, we expect to help more women detect, and receive treatment, as quickly as possible through the extended capabilities in screening, and diagnosis, offered by the latest 3-D mammography technology.” width=The development and benefits of 3-D mammography tech were highlighted by GE Healthcare key opinion leader, Bruce Schroeder, at the launch event.

His comments were echoed by Chintan Desai, Commercial General Manager for GE Healthcare ASEAN.

“Mammography is still the best method for early detection of breast cancer and we felt it was important to address the fears many women face when having to get a breast screening through mammograph."

“With this new 3-D Mammogram technology, doctors and patients in Singapore not only benefit from the latest 3-D innovation that GE is known for but also a machine designed with patient comfort as a priority.”