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Annual Report

Jeff Immelt: Leading A Digital Industrial Era

Jeffrey R Immelt GE
February 27, 2017
GE released its 2016 Annual Report today. It includes a letter to shareowners written by GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt. In the letter, Immelt shares his thinking about GE’s performance and role in the world. Here is a note he sent to employees as well as a link to the Annual Report:

Today we released our 2016 Annual Report. I encourage you to read it. I spend a lot of time on the Annual Report and my shareowners letter. It’s an important perspective on our company — how we’ve performed, and where we’re going.

Today, some very basic assumptions about the global economy are being tested. The environment is complex and volatile. Economic growth is sluggish. Trust in big institutions is low. GE continues to win despite these challenges — and because of them. We’re faster and more adaptable. We have a simpler, more powerful portfolio, and a resilient culture of leadership. Through the GE Store, our global platform of ideas and technology, we’re driving value and inventing the future. Our customer focus has never been more intense.

No other company offers GE’s impact or potential. We’re an American company built to compete and win in every one of the 180 countries we serve, bringing unmatched local capability and global scale. The investments we are making to become a Digital Industrial [company] and in additive manufacturing will unleash productivity and create new models of growth.

Companies like GE matter — especially when times are hard. We act with purpose and integrity. We know what we believe in. We win as a meritocracy, and we win together. Our performance culture has allowed us to rise to the challenges of every era, and the current era will be no exception. GE turns 125 years old in 2017, a remarkable achievement in resiliency. But as always, we’re focused on the future.

The GE we’re building will continue to be essential to our customers, investors and the world for generations to come. Thanks for all you do to drive our progress.

Top image: The LEAP jet engines powering this Boeing 737 MAX plane include 3D printed components as well as well as parts from advanced ceramic materials. Image credit: Adam Sentori for GE Reports.