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US-China Cooperation in Cleaner Energy Leaps Forward; New Joint Venture Launches Today in Shanghai

October 24, 2014

Joint Venture, HDGE, Launches with First Aeroderivative Gas Turbine in China

SHANGHAI-October 24, 2014-The first aeroderivative gas turbine packaged in China rolled off the assembly line in Minhang today, marking a significant milestone for the joint venture between China Huadian Corporation (CHD) and General Electric (NYSE: GE) and a leap forward in U.S.-China cooperation on cleaner energy. The launch ceremony, held by Huadian GE Aero Gas Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd. (HDGE), was attended by Cheng Niangao, CEO of China Huadian Corporation and John Rice, vice chairman of GE.

HDGE was founded by Huadian Group and GE, which invested 51 percent and 49 percent respectively, and is regarded as a “powerful partnership” in the U.S.-China energy industry. Its testing capability includes six bays for full load and full speed condition testing of aeroderivative gas turbines-the only facility of its kind in China. With this capability, HDGE provides a valuable platform for further studies in gas turbine technology and creating favorable conditions to train more technicians and experts in China on the gas turbine.

Packaged by HDGE, the LM6000-PF aeroderivative gas turbine is one of the most advanced gas turbines in the world. The first gas turbine produced by HDGE will be used in the Distributed Energy Station of Tianjin Beichen Wind Power Industrial Park, providing electricity, industrial steam and residential heating. With combined-cycle power generation efficiency reaching 52 percent and overall energy efficiency of 75-85 percent, this distributed power technology provides an enhanced solution for the efficient use of natural gas in China. In contrast, the most-advanced, "supercritical," million-kilowatt, coal-fired generator’s energy efficiency is only 45 percent.

The LM6000-PF aeroderivative gas turbine is built from existing aircraft engine technology from GE, which features a small footprint, lightweight design, high-power capacity and flexible start and stop times. This technology has higher distributed energy utilization efficiency than a conventional coal generator, while pollutant emissions are far lower than the same level of coal-fired thermal power plants complying with the latest energy standards. Distributed power products like the LM6000-PF aeroderivative gas turbine are regarded as core power equipment for cleaner and more efficient energy systems for China’s future.

Environmentally friendlier energy ushers in a turning point for development in China. Distributed power is critically important in restructuring energy infrastructure and coping with air pollution control in China, and HDGE is a historic step for localizing distributed power and reducing the higher costs associated with importing power generation technology.

HDGE has made steady progress in localization efforts in the last three years. When the company was founded in 2011, Huadian had announced the plan of introducing the U.S.’s key technology and equipment for distributed power. With today’s announcement, HDGE is aiming to break through the bottleneck problem of distributed power equipment supply in China. The new joint venture aims to obtain systems integration technology-from production and sales of the aeroderivative gas turbine to life cycle services-in order to better contribute to emissions reductions in China.

“As a most advanced distributed power technology, aeroderivative gas turbines have a promising future for application in China. HDGE is a great testament of the powerful partnership between CHD and GE and also is a driving force in the future development of China’s distributed power industry,” said Deng Jianling, vice president of CHD.

“Cleaner energy technologies will play an increasingly important role in the sustainable growth of China’s economy. HDGE is a good example of what can be achieved through U.S.-China partnership, and we are proud of our role in helping to meet China’s cleaner energy needs,” said Rachel Duan, president and CEO of GE Greater China. “We look forward to broader cooperation with local partners on new emissions reducing technologies.”


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