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Press Release

New Country CEO Shares Vision and Strategy for GE Philippines

May 23, 2012

In a media interview, GE Philippines CEO, J.V. Emmanuel "Jocot" De Dios, talked about the company's history with the Philippines as the first destination in ASEAN for its businesses in Energy, Transportation, Home & Business Solutions, and Capital. Jocot also shared his vision for the local market as well as his strategy for growing GE's business in the country.

Jocot's background work includes a stint in the Department of Energy and in Nido Petroleum, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Australia and the Philippines. He is the first Filipino executive to assume the CEO post since 2005. Though still fairly new in the company at four months, he has already hit the ground running, working with partners and stakeholders to share how GE's innovations can help address their business needs.

The Philippines continues to be a key growth market in ASEAN with its great potential for growth in the areas of healthcare, lighting solutions, household appliances, and clean energy. Part of Jocot's job as CEO is to leverage GE's strength in these areas to address customer needs. GE Philippines is expected to sustain its momentum of growth this year.

Jessica Blas
GE Corporate Manager - Communications
[email protected]

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