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Mid-Market businesses upbeat, says 2014 GE Capital Mid-Market Report

May 01, 2014

  • GE Capital releases its fourth annual Australian Mid-Market Report
  • Mid-Market business growth outlook has increased since September 2013

Australian Mid-Market businesses are gearing up for managed growth. It's just one of the key findings of the 2014 GE Capital Australian Mid-Market Report launched today.

The Mid-Market -- businesses with annual revenues of between $10 and $250 million -- is an often overlooked sector. Yet, the Mid-Market comprises 1.4% of businesses, contributes around $425bn to the Australian economy, and provides one in four full-time jobs.

"We've been working with Mid-Market businesses for a long time, and our report over the past four years shows it's a powerhouse of the Australian economy," said Aaron Baxter, MD, Commercial Finance, GE Capital A&NZ.

"While overall business is optimistic, we're seeing reshuffling sectoral confidence. For Mid-Market business, 2014 will be about managing for growth, but equally managing the challenges and changing nature of their industry.

"It's a significant sector. It has the scale to pack an economic punch but it is also small enough to react to changing supply and demand. It's a resilient sector and has been the key driver of the Australian economy", said Baxter.

Other key trends emerging from this year's research include:

Jobless growth -- with businesses gearing up for growth there is a lag effect being seen in employment expectations and the 'jobless growth' trend.

Talent management -- rapidly changing technology and shifting social dynamics continue to impact today's work environment increasing the impact on the bottom line of attracting and retaining good talent

Changing economic geography -- as the national economy evolves there is a notable change within regional and industrial divisions

About the Mid-Market Report
Now in its fourth year the GE Capital Mid-Market Report is one of the largest single study of Mid-Market business sentiment in Australia.
This year's report also takes an in-depth look at three key industries, technology, transport, and food and beverage.

For a downloadable version of the report, or to check out the interactive e-publication please visit

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