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GE's Industrial Power Solutions seminar in Egypt fosters discussion among industry experts and showcases advanced technologies for efficient distributed power plants

May 14, 2013

  • Two-day seminar organized under the patronage of Egyptian Ministry of Electricity & Energy and Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade
  • Event includes a panel discussion among various attendees from government authorities, industrial & commercial establishments, engineering firms, to address opportunities and challenges in the energy sector
  • GE Distributed Power platform provides update on latest aeroderivative gas turbine and gas & diesel engine technology

Cairo, Egypt; May 15, 2013: GE (NYSE: GE) hosted a two-day Industrial Power Solutions seminar in Egypt, fostering a discussion on distributed power solutions. The event also highlighted GE's Distributed Power platform featuring an advanced range of technologies that strengthen power sector efficiencies.

The seminar, held under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade, showcased GE's latest aeroderivative gas turbines, and gas & diesel engine technologies that can effectively contribute to addressing the challenges faced by the country's power sector.

Eng. Mohamed Mousa Omran, First Under Secretary of State for Research, planning, and Authorities delivered a keynote address, marking the official opening of the seminar, while Eng. Magdy Naguib, Director of Power, Industrial Development Authority, shared insights on the power sector. More than 300 senior professionals representing the power and energy sector attended the event, with several panel discussions held, covering the key challenges in Distributed Power.

Darryl Wilson, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Distributed Power, GE Power & Water said: "We are thankful to the patronage extended by the Ministry of Electricity & Energy and the Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade to our first Industrial Power Solutions seminar in Egypt. GE is committed to the country and continuously looks at initiatives to further strengthen our investments and partnerships. Today, Egypt faces strong growth in demand for power, led by the growth in population and the country's focus on infrastructure development.

"The objective of the Industrial Power Solutions seminar is to share our best practices, technologies and knowledge with our industry stakeholders, as part of our long-term commitment to the country. Through such technology transfer and information sharing, we are confident of further strengthening power sector efficiencies to meet the growing demand."

Sofiane Ben Tounes, President & CEO, GE, North East Africa said: "Currently, GE's advanced gas turbines help generate nearly 25 percent of Egypt's total installed capacity. GE Egypt endeavors to align our operations with the energy strategy of the Government of Egypt. Some highlights of our commitment to the country are offering the world's most efficient wind turbine solutions, working with existing and new energy intensive industrial complexes for distributed power plants solutions, and offering to the Ministry of Electricity, various solutions to enhance the efficiency and capacity of existing power plants. Today's gathering for Industrial Power Solutions is another step towards the participation of the private sector in addressing the energy challenge in Egypt."

According to industry reports, electricity demand in Egypt has grown at an average of 6.1 percent from 2002 -- 2011 while the average growth in 2012 was about 10.3 percent. While electricity generation capacity has increased from about 11.3GW in 1990 to more than 30.5 GW in 2012, natural gas principally accounts for the increased capacity.

Today, the power sector faces the challenge of growing demand for natural gas within the country, both for domestic use as well as for energy-intensive industries. The government is focused on strengthening renewable sources of energy including solar and wind power, improving the operational efficiencies in the existing power plants, encouraging independent power producers and distributed power production by industries.

Among the highlights of the new technologies is GE's PowerXpand, which consists of a trailer-mounted aeroderivative gas turbine generator set with containerized gas and diesel engine generator sets. These can operate on a range of fuels including natural gas and liquid distillate fuels. The portfolio helps deliver fast, efficient and flexible power to meet the needs of the customers quickly.

GE also presented Jenbacher gas engines, a leader in the 500 to 1,100 kW power range. With long service intervals, a maintenance-friendly engine design and low fuel consumption, it assures maximum fuel efficiency and is designed for fast, flexible installation. A leader in medium-speed engine design and manufacture, GE highlighted its diesel engine generator set providing excellent fuel efficiency and reliability. With proven competencies in renewable energy sectors, GE's technologies are applied world-wide in the solar and wind sector too, with a detailed overview presented to the audience at the seminar.

GE has over 40 years of operational experience in Egypt, with its country office in Cairo, and over 200 employees in the country. The company provides advanced power generation technology and services including maintenance and operations, parts and repair services, and contractual services agreements. Some of the major power generation services projects of GE in Egypt include the Cairo North plant, Kuraymat plant, and Damietta, while GE Oil & Gas partners with Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas (ELNG).

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