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General Electric and Dost Enerji power Turkey from Bergama with local wind turbines

June 10, 2016
  • General Electric (GE) in partnership with Dost Enerji, will supply twenty one GE3.2-103 and one GE2.75-103 wind turbines for Bergama Wind Power Plant, its new wind power plant in Izmir
  • Tower and blades of GE's brilliant turbines will be manufactured in Turkey as an important step towards Turkey's renewable energy goals, contributing to local manufacturing and employment
  • Brilliant turbines that will manage the variability of wind through the power of the Industrial Internet will generate 70 MW power with its locally manufactured blades.

ISTANBUL, Turkey - June 06, 2016 - General Electric (GE) will supply wind turbines for Bergama Wind Power Plant (BERGRES) with installed capacity of 70 MW which was recently established near Izmir’s Bergama district by Dost Enerji. With the agreement signed in December, Dost Enerji's total capacity will increase from 115 megawatts (MW) to 185 MW with an improvement by 70 MW through GE’s 22 brilliant turbines whose tower and blades will be manufactured in Turkey.

Tower and blades of brilliant turbines will be manufactured in Turkey
In the scope of the agreement that will contribute to Turkey's goals to reach a total capacity of 20 gigawatts (GW) in the field of wind power and to generate 30% of its primary energy from renewable resources by 2023, tower and blades of contracted turbines will be manufactured in Turkey, generating employment at the manufacturing site in Izmir.

Muzaffer Akpınar, Chairman of the Board, Dost Enerji said, “This is our first parternership with GE, who has experience in power generation and owns brilliant wind turbine technology. GE’s brilliant turbines will allow us to obtain more efficient outcome and we will prevent 145,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission annually through 70 MW power to be generated with BERGRES project. We are pleased to collaborate with GE in this project and contribute to our country's energy goals together."

Canan M. Özsoy, President & CEO, GE Turkey noted, "At GE, we support the most efficient utilization of Turkey’s wind power resource and develop innovative and efficiency-oriented technologies in this regard. We take pride in developing these technologies in Turkey in collaboration with Dost Enerji, manufacturing wind turbine components locally and contributing in domestic manufacture. We are very glad to contribute to Turkey's renewable energy portfolio in partnership with Dost Enerji."

Locally manufactured blades will transform the wind in Bergama into efficient energy
Twenty one GE3.2-103 and one GE2.75-103 wind turbines to be used at Bergama Wind Power Plant will generate predictable power by analyzing tens of thousands of data points every second through its smart technologies. Building upon the remarkable performance of GE’s 2.5-2.85 MW fleet, these turbines, which are specifically designed for medium-to-high wind speed sites, provide up to 5% increase in energy output even in sites that may be constrained by tip height through the flexibility of towers for hub heights range from 70 to 98 meters.

In the scope of the agreement executed with Dost Enerji, GE will be responsible for logistics to site, installation, commissioning and also conduct service and maintenance activities for a period of 5 years. With installation activities commencing on January 2017, the facility will start its commercial operations on May 2017.

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