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GE Power High-Efficiency Gas Turbine Update

September 21, 2018

BOSTON, Mass.-September 21, 2018-Earlier this week, the Company disclosed that it discovered an oxidation issue with a single blade component that is expected to impact some of its gas turbines.

Russell Stokes, CEO of GE Power, said, “GE engineers and teams identified a fix and have been working proactively with our customers on a case-by-case basis to quickly return impacted units to service and mitigate any future issues.”

The component is only used in stage-one blades in GE’s highest-efficiency turbines-HA and 9FB, one of the HA’s predecessors and a legacy fleet that comprises less than one percent of the Company’s global gas turbine fleet.

“In all industries and new technologies, developing and launching products at this scale and complexity involves fine-tuning and adjusting the technology,” Stokes said. “We always strive to jointly solve technical issues with our customers as they arise and are committed to delivering on our products.”

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