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GE Power chosen to lead EPC contract for Ostroleka C, 1,000 MW Power Plant

April 13, 2018
  • GE Power to build Ostroleka C using high efficiency and low emissions technology including air quality control systems to meet the latest EU standards in terms of local emissions
  • This project builds on GE’s Steam Power global Engineering Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) expertise which includes 100 GW of installed base and more than 200 power projects

BADEN, Switzerland - April 4, 2018 - GE Power was informed today that it has been chosen as the lead EPC, in consortium with Alstom Power Systems, to build the ultra-supercritical (USC) coal power plant Ostroleka C in Poland. Subject to the financial closure of the project, the plant will start commercial operation within 56 months after the notice to proceed and generate a gross output of 1,000 MW, enough to power 300,000 homes in Poland.

In addition to co-leading the consortium, GE Power will design, manufacture and deliver its market-leading ultra-supercritical technology components (boiler and steam turbine generator) for this new power plant. With USC technology, the plant will perform to the highest efficiency level possible for a steam power plant in Poland with 46% efficiency, well above the global average of 33% efficiency. Each percentage point improvement in efficiency significantly reduces CO2 emissions from coal power plants by over 2 percentage points. GE Power will also provide advanced environmental control systems such as electrostatic precipitators and wet flue gas desulfurization plant. These technologies ensure Ostroleka C will meet the most stringent emission requirement as called for by the latest European Union directive.

“GE Power is pleased to have the confidence of Enea and Energa and is looking forward to partnering with them to build Ostroleka C. This plant will combine our EPC experience with leading coal-based technology that will help Poland meet its energy needs while also meeting the latest EU standards in terms of air quality,” said Andreas Lusch, CEO of GE’s Steam Power.

GE’s EPC expertise comes from more than 100 GW installed through 200 integrated projects. GE’s Steam Power EPC was awarded twice with Coal Plant of the Year and EPC of the Year in 2015 for Manjung power plant and again in 2016 for Tanjung Bin power plant, both in Malaysia.

“Our role, at GE,  is to support our customers and countries like Poland to choose and implement the  energy systems which best meets their needs and targets in terms of energy security, costs and sustainability,” said Peter Stracar, CEO for GE in Europe. “GE has the broadest portfolio of technology to help Poland use its natural resources in the most efficient way and support the energy transition in Europe.”

GE Power has had a presence in Poland for more than 70 years beginning with its factories in Elblag and Wroclaw, and has recently delivered the Belchatów 858 MW steam plant and is currently a consortium partner for Opole 2 x 900 MW ultra-supercritical steam plant.  Since 2010, GE Power’s air quality control technologies have also been integrated in various power plants across Poland and are supporting the country to reduce emissions for more than 20 million Nm3/h of flue gases, with another 10 million Nm3/h currently under construction. 

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