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GE Plastics Launches Three New High-Performance Materials for Aircraft Interiors Industry

April 25, 2007

GE Plastics has introduced three new high-tech materials to its growing portfolio of high-performance resins for the aircraft interiors industry.

PITTSFIELD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GE Plastics has introduced three new high-tech materials to its growing portfolio of high-performance resins for the aircraft interiors industry: GE's Ultem1 9085 resin, Noryl1 LS6010 resin, and Lexan1 FST9705 resin. Combined, these unique materials offer a variety of customer benefits for an array of aircraft interior applications.

Ultem 9085 Resin Raises the Bar for Aerospace Industry Compliance, Top Performance, and Outstanding Customer Benefits

To help the aerospace industry boost fuel efficiency, performance, and safety, GE Plastics today announced new flame-retardant Ultem 9085 resin for aircraft interiors. This new material offers better flow and ductility than GE's Ultem 9075 resin -- the previous industry standard -- to enable thinner-wall parts with excellent impact strength. Further comparing the two materials, new Ultem 9085 resin can reduce part weight by 5 to 15 percent via thinner walls, supporting the goal of lower fuel consumption. At the same time, Ultem 9085 resin delivers the highest modulus of any Ultem resin grade, providing enhanced stiffness to ensure excellent application durability. These greatly improved properties make the new GE product a top choice for demanding applications such as decompression grilles, window reveals, and personal service units.

Low-Smoke Noryl Resin Provides Low Specific Gravity, Superior Non-Halogenated Flame Retardance, Low Smoke Properties, and Toughness

GE Plastics also launched its new Noryl LS6010 resin offering aircraft OEMs and suppliers an advanced, high-tech solution to the challenges of compliance with toughening global flame, smoke, and toxicity requirements. In addition, Noryl LS6010 resin has a specific gravity of 1.1, which is one of the lowest available for thermoplastics used in aerospace. Its light weight characteristic, combined with extremely low smoke performance, exceptional durability, and non-halogenated flame retardance (FR), make this innovative new material a superior choice vs. many competitive materials for interior aircraft applications, such as rub strips and seat track covers, where low smoke propagation is mandated. It is available from GE Plastics in custom colors. Now, aircraft suppliers and OEMs can simultaneously improve safety compliance, weight reduction, and design freedom -- with one unique resin."

Lexan FST Resin Provides Unique Combination of OSU 55/55 Performance, Bright White Colorability, and Ductility for Thin-Wall Parts

GE Plastics also introduced Lexan FST9705 polycarbonate (PC) copolymer, a totally new resin platform to help OEMs and aircraft interior suppliers achieve weight-out and cost-out goals without sacrificing processability. Complementing GE Plastics' high-performance Ultem* PEI flame-retardant resins, this new material gives designers a fresh solution to today's stringent performance, regulatory, and aesthetic requirements. Lexan FST9705 resin is an excellent candidate for such applications as personal service units, window reveals and bezels, and provides a unique combination of advantages: full flame/smoke/toxicity compliance including OSU 55/55 heat-release performance; molded-in color including bright whites; and the ability to produce ductile, thin-wall parts that can contribute to fuel conservation through lighter weight.

GE's Ultem 9085 resin, Noryl LS6010 resin, and Lexan FST9705 resin are available globally.

For more information on GE's materials for the aircraft industry, please visit the GE Plastics' website at or contact Benny David, industry manager, Transportation for the Americas at +1 413-448-5175 ([email protected]); John Darlington, industry manager, Transportation for Europe +31-164-29-2227 ([email protected]); or Matt Stoelton, industry manager, Transportation for the Pacific at +81-3-3568-1540 (math[email protected]).

About GE Plastics

GE Plastics ( is a global supplier of plastic resins widely used in automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, transportation, performance packaging, building & construction, telecommunications, and optical media applications. The company manufactures and compounds polycarbonate, ABS, SAN, ASA, PPE, PC/ABS, PBT and PEI resins, as well as the LNP1 line of high-performance specialty compounds. GE Plastics, Specialty Film & Sheet manufactures high-performance Lexan sheet and film products used in thousands of demanding applications worldwide. In addition, GE Plastics' dedicated Automotive organization is an experienced, world-wide competitor, offering leading plastics solutions for five key automotive segments: body panels and glazing; under the hood applications; component; structures and interiors; and lighting. As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games, GE is the exclusive provider of a wide range of innovative products and services that are integral to a successful Games.

1 Ultem, Noryl, Lexan, and LNP are trademarks of General Electric Company.


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