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Press Release

GE Plastics in Bergen op Zoom Hosts the National Chemistry Olympiad as a Celebration of 30 years of Technology

May 29, 2007

Bergen op Zoom, The Netherland -- May 29, 2007
GE Plastics will celebrate 30 years of outstanding Technology support at their site in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, by hosting the 28th National Chemistry Olympiad from June 6th to the 13th, 2007.

The Annual Chemistry Olympiad is an international event that will take place later this year in Moscow. Four of the best high school students from the Netherlands will have the chance to take part, following their success in the national competition to be hosted by GE Plastics. 1200 students from across the country have already competed in the first and second rounds, with the top 20 earning the right to compete in the national competition in Bergen op Zoom.

Dr. Willem Sederel, a 25 year GE Plastics veteran and the Global Technology leader, will host the program together with eight members of the organizing team. "We are proud to celebrate this important milestone by hosting a key event in the world of chemistry that recognizes young talent. This year's event will be challenging and stimulating, as well as allowing time for some fun. Our team is looking forward to working with the 20 'Olympians' to produce four Dutch Champions and to promote the Sciences as a great career opportunity for the future."

GE Plastics' technology has been responsible for many important breakthroughs in the world of engineering thermoplastics in the past 30 years, and is recognized as one of the leading centers of expertise for material and process development. This has led to the successful application of its resins and compounds in applications as diverse as CDs, on-line painted automotive body panels, roof glazing for football stadiums, films for TV screens and healthcare equipment. Erik Delsman, one of the members of the GE team and who was one of the Silver medal winners in the 1994 Chemistry Olympiad, will be working closely with this year's competitors to pass on some of the knowledge he has gained during his academic studies and during his career at GE Plastics as process developer.

Raman Ahmed, an 18 years old, VWO student at the Gertrudiscollege in Roosendaal and one of the 20 finalists, says about taking part, "I am keen to learn a lot. I am very excited about this event and looking forward to getting to know GE Plastics and meet other students of my age. It is a good initiative to stimulate my personal development. I even cancelled my vacation for this event! I have great expectations as I will have the chance to compete at an international level....and it always stimulates if you are rewarded with a prize."

Teun Sweere, a 17 year old VWO student at the Markland College in Oudenbosch will also participate in this years National Chemistry Olympiad. He participated last year as well and is very excited about reaching the finals. Teun is a chemistry enthusiast and sees his future in an international company such as GE. He has great expectations for this year and looks forward to the challenge of competing with other students in an area he enjoys and performs well in. Besides the serious part of the program he is also looking forward to some of the fun elements, such as sailing.

The competition will take the form of a series of workshops and will consist of two key elements. The first is theory, which will encompass subjects from quantum mechanics to organic chemistry and will test the contestants to a level beyond their years. The second element will allow the students to put their knowledge into practice and demonstrate their creativity and innovative talents.

The GE Plastics organizing team have worked closely with the NCSO (Nationaal Comité Scheikunde Olympiade) to adhere to the course work that has been set, and to provide top level mentoring and training to ensure an exciting and invigorating event.

The prize winners will be announced at an award ceremony to be held in the Markiezenhof on June the 13th at 14:00 hrs. in Bergen op Zoom, and will be presented by the Mayor of Bergen op Zoom, Dhr J.M.M Polman, together with Tom Stanley, the General Manager of Technology for GE Plastics and Willem Grin, the General Manager of Manufacturing in Bergen op Zoom

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