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Press Release

GE Oil & Gas focuses on production optimisation, monitoring & diagnostics, and distributed gas solutions at APPEA

April 06, 2014

  • Distributed gas solutions to make fields more cost-effective and to reduce emissions
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostic software solutions for subsea leak detection and onshore pumps
  • Optimisation technologies to increase output over the life of a well

GE Oil & Gas will showcase a range of its technology which supports the oil and gas sector when it exhibits at Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Conference and Exhibition in Perth this week.

Addressing the industry's toughest challenges, from extraction to transportation to end use, GE Oil & Gas will demonstrate a selection of advanced technology and service solutions that help to transform oil and gas into the energy that powers the world, including:

  • Distributed Gas -- showcasing GE's small-scale LNG offerings. This technology has great potential in Australia to unlock the stranded shale gas reserves, with potential use in remote power generation for mining operations;
  • Subsea - will feature the NAXYS leak detection equipment, which 'listens' for anomalies in deep sea conditions and helps to prevent and predict maintenance issues. For further detail see: GE's monitoring and diagnostic displays for subsea will also feature its Presens Sensor and Ulti-Max products;
  • Production and Optimisation -- this will include GE's Lufkin and Artificial Lift businesses and focus on PCP pumps and Z-Sight Automated Well Surveillance System. These technologies are of critical importance in increasing output from both new and mature wells; and
  • Pressure Controls -- featuring some of GE's wellhead and valve offerings, especially utilised in the growing onshore/unconventional gas sector in Australia.

"GE is committed to partnering with our customers to deliver oil and gas solutions that make an impact in the industry," GE Oil & Gas ANZ Regional Leader David Leslie said.

"From our work on major LNG and subsea projects in the region to state-of-the-art training and service investments such as our world-class facility in Jandakot, GE has the technology, service, scale and local footprint that can help our customers operate more efficiently now, and anticipate the challenges and opportunities down the road."

Mr Leslie added that discussions at the APPEA conference will focus on the future direction of the industry and seek solutions to the challenges being encountered.

"With world-significant gas reserves and continuing demand for gas in Asia, Australia is well-positioned to emerge as a global leader in gas technology and services. GE has the technology to enhance the access and utilisation of those gas reserves safely and sustainably," he said.

"Globally, GE continues to invest in the future of gas. Through advanced technologies, we are helping reduce the size of the drilling footprint, reducing fugitive methane emissions, and improving the sustainable treatment and management of CSG-produced water."

While GE is working with its customers to develop the resource on the supply side, we are also working on the demand side in power generation from heavy duty gas turbines, gas-fuelled reciprocating engines and aero-derivatives to transportation with smaller scale LNG and CNG-in-a-box.

GE is well positioned to help with these trends. "Working together with our customers, we deliver practical, system-based solutions to their toughest operational challenges," he said.

"Our clients across the ANZ region benefit directly from the considerable resources invested globally by GE Oil & Gas and they are supported in the region with facilities, equipment, technology and expertise in the field."

Technical presentations will be hosted on the GE Oil & Gas stand during the APPEA Exhibition including insights into the NAXYS leak detection equipment, the linking of data through the Industrial Internet to drive productivity and the offerings of the Lufkin and Pressure Controls businesses -- all of which are of growing importance to the region's energy landscape.

The GE Oil & Gas stand will be located on the western end of 'APPEA Boulevard' at the APPEA Conference and Exhibition at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from Monday, 7 April to Wednesday, 9 April.

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