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GE & MINDA collaborate to foster thought leadership on the corporate culture needed to support Malaysia's continued development

October 29, 2013

General Electric (GE), and the Malaysian Directors Academy (MINDA) organised a breakfast forum titled 'Leadership and Learning: Creating a culture that drives Leadership, Innovation and Growth'.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 29 October 2013 - GE (NYSE: GE) and MINDA jointly hosted a breakfast forum with the theme, "Creating a culture that drives Leadership, Innovation and Growth", at Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, today. Speakers at the forum included Dato' Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar, CEO of MINDA, and Janice L. Semper, Global Leader, Executive Development in GE Corporate.

GE's participation in this forum is part of the company's continued commitment to leadership development in Malaysia. In addition to the forum, Janice Semper will be participating in the Petronas International Human Capital Summit 2013, an event that aims to address HR challenges in the oil and gas industry. As part of her visit, Janice Semper is also scheduled to visit GE customers and partners such as Malaysian GreenTech Corporation and AirAsia to discuss topics pertaining to leadership and talent development.

"Through a history that spans 130 years, GE has grown to become one of the world's largest corporations solving the world's toughest problems. Our success has been firmly built on continual learning, helping our people reach their potential while instilling a mindset that seeks to innovate and challenge convention. As Malaysia enters the next phase of development, it is critical that corporations here create the right environment that drives leadership and innovation to remain competitive," stated Janice Semper, Global Director, Executive Development in GE Corporate.

At the breakfast forum, Janice Semper, shed some light on the fundamentals that have supported the company's success, including its leadership philosophy and how GE has created an environment that drives leadership, innovation and growth, to constantly evolve to stay relevant in today's fast changing global landscape.

On GE's leadership development strategy, Janice Semper shared details of the company's Leadership, Innovation and Growth (LIG) program, "GE's LIG is a four-day program which aims to stimulate growth and innovation from within the organisation. The program cultivates new ideas and thinking around innovation to support leaders in growing their businesses. Leadership teams from across GE's top 60 businesses have participated in the program since its inception and have subsequently integrated new ideas and initiatives into their businesses with real results. Recently, the LIG program was conducted in Malaysia for our customers including AirAsia and Petronas, the second time the program had been conducted outside the United States."

Around the world, GE is renowned for leadership excellence and driving innovation, recognising the importance of collaborative innovation and developing strategic relationships with other companies. In achieving this, GE has actively collaborated partnered with Malaysian companies such as AirAsia and Petronas, in developing human capital. GE is also constantly looking for ways to improve innovation processes and achieve operational excellence. FastWorks, the latest management tool adopts an entrepreneurial approach to accelerating outcomes to meet customers' needs.

As the Malaysian economy moves up the value chain, the need to equip the nation's corporate leaders with the knowledge, skills and mindsets required to perform on a global stage has become imperative. In order to support this, MINDA was formed in 2005 to play a pivotal role in ensuring that today's leaders are able to perform at world recognized standards, supporting Malaysia's ambition of achieving developed nation status.

Dato' Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar, CEO of MINDA, said, "In realizing our mandate, we continue to work with various organizations in Malaysia such as GE, to support the growth and development of our corporate leaders through offering a range of services such as training, networking opportunities, talks, dialogues, as well as forums such as the one being held today. We recognized the important role that leaders play in shaping our corporate landscape, as well as the pivotal role that innovation has in today's market landscape. We thank corporations such as GE for lending their support to our efforts and for sharing their best practices and experiences with us."

The forum further emphasized the need for organizations to embrace a new and more dynamic approach to business if they are to maintain their competitiveness. While breaking away from traditional mindsets may not be an easy feat, the move to prioritize the role of leadership and to embrace innovation, will ensure that corporations achieve sustainable growth.

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About Malaysia Directors Academy (MINDA)
The Malaysian Directors Academy (MINDA) was established in December 2006 following the launch of the Government-Linked Companies Transformation Programme Initiatives on 29 July 2005. MINDA is formed as a non-profit organisation with initial funding from the Government.

MINDA's objective is to address Board performance by equipping Directors of Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) with the world-class knowledge, skills and mindset required to perform to a consistently high standard. MINDA's strategy to achieve this is by assisting Boards in focusing on their fundamental roles and responsibilities such as strategy setting, corporate performance management, development of future leaders and human capital, risk management, innovation and creativity.

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