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GE launches innovative RtOI solutions that effortlessly manage complex data for enhanced business efficiency

June 30, 2013

  • GE's patented GEO-intelligence technology enables intelligent information based on the user's location, role and asset location
  • Now launched in the GCC region, new solution is suited for varied industries including the oil & gas sector, manufacturing, metals, power and water

Dubai, UAE; July 1, 2013: GE Intelligent Platforms (NYSE: GE) has launched new software solutions in the GCC region that address the challenge of making sense of complex and extensive data available in business today, to promote greater operational efficiencies in the oil & gas, manufacturing, power, water and metal sectors.

These powerful solutions, accessed by simple apps, deliver Real-Time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) to exploit existing data sets and transform them into actionable knowledge with easy-to-use mobile interfaces coupled with powerful and scalable server-based components.

The first component to help companies achieve true RtOI is Proficy® Mobile, which will spark customers to drive efficiency with real-time access to operational information, using the latest generation of mobile iOS and Android devices.

It features an easy-to-use standard interface with GE's patented GEO-intelligence technology that provides situational awareness typically found only in consumer apps like Facebook®, with a powerful back-end server that transforms existing raw data into intelligent, actionable information. It also provides companies with the option of allowing employees to use their own devices quickly, easily and securely.

"We are excited to bring Real-time Operational Intelligence to Middle East and Africa region starting with the GCC countries," said Daniel Coetzee, General Manager for MEA, GE Intelligent Platforms. "The RtOI concept, and specifically Proficy Mobile, adds tremendous value to the oil & gas and infrastructure businesses. Geographically dispersed assets can be safely monitored and the vast amount of associated data turned into simple, actionable knowledge, available anywhere, anytime. Information is delivered by role allowing for reduced travel times, better informed decisions and less execution errors. In some cases, mobile operators have seen their efficiency and productivity up to a level of 20 percent."

Proficy Mobile accesses structured information through equipment models that can be configured specifically to a company's operations, allowing users to find the information they need quickly and easily. Once data is mapped into the model, users can add intelligence through easy-to-use tools that can outline relationships and connections to multiple disperse systems transforming it to information. And, with GE's patented GEO-intelligence technology, the system automatically navigates and provides information based on user location, role, and asset condition and context.

With a standard downloadable GE app, "point-and-click" server configuration and an extensible analytics engine -- systems can be deployed on top of existing systems such as SCADA, HMI, MES, BMS, ERP and Historians. This capability is essential for industry as new visualization, mobility, analytics and collaboration tools enable action in real time, in the required locations and with the contextual information operators, engineers, managers and executives need to make quicker decisions.

The structured navigation features of Proficy Mobile provide the ability to map data from existing GE or third-party applications, allowing companies to add the necessary context to existing data no matter the source. The built-in intelligence foundation allows companies to define applicable key process indicators (KPIs) and equipment relationships forming standard plant/site-wide and asset-level detailed displays accessible from within the app.

Assets and processes are tracked using KPIs to notify users of alert conditions, as well as trends that may be occurring in the plant. In addition, Proficy Mobile provides aggregated asset health displays intelligently to alert the user to a current condition drawing attention to the most critical information.

GE has been a partner in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey for over 80 years, committed to the region's progress and prosperity, through its waves of change and growth. Supporting the generation of more than two-thirds of the region's electricity, GE's technologies purify over 800 million liters of water daily for drinking, irrigation and municipal uses across MENA. Today, 90 percent of hospitals in Middle East are equipped with GE technologies, while GE and its joint ventures help to fly two-thirds of the region.

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