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GE appoints Sarim Sheikh as President & CEO of GE Pakistan

September 11, 2012

Dubai, UAE; September 12, 2012: GE (NYSE: GE) has appointed Sarim Sheikh as President & Chief Executive Officer of GE Pakistan, effective August 2012. He leads the company's operations across various growth sectors in the country, where GE has had a presence since 1947.

With a focus on promoting localization and knowledge transfer, and supporting the country to achieve the goals outlined in its long-term development strategy, GE Pakistan primarily focuses on critical areas such as water, energy, healthcare and transportation, among others.

Nabil Habayeb, GE's President & CEO for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, said: "GE has established long-term partnerships in Pakistan, including an agreement with the Government to promote the modernization of the country's infrastructure and economy. Sarim Sheikh has strong market insights of Pakistan, which enables the company to strengthen its partnerships and promote our company to country approach to meet today's pressing requirements."

Sarim Sheikh added: "Pakistan is one of the core markets for GE in its global operations. With the country exploring both conventional and renewable energy sources, strengthening transportation development, improving its healthcare systems and developing a water program that ranges from purification to reuse and wastewater, GE can support Pakistan with its global leadership and technological know-how. Our focal areas are to promote localization to address the country's real needs and serve as a partner in the social and economic growth of the country."

GE established its roots in Pakistan with the country's independence and has had a direct presence through its subsidiaries since 1980 and established its corporate office in 1984. In 1994, GE Power Systems established its office in Lahore and in 2002, GE expanded its portfolio to support other GE businesses in addition to GE Energy located at Lahore, and has since been working actively with national companies and private businesses.

Among key agreements in the country, GE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government to develop Pakistan's energy resources to meet projected demand of 54,000 megawatts by the year 2020. GE will assist the Government in achieving its goals by engaging in Pakistan's energy, transportation and water sectors and will work to identify potential sources of funding and explore potential investment opportunities in those sectors.

With over 18 years of experience and a solid operational and commercial focus, Sarim focuses on business and talent growth in his new role. Sarim has joined the Global Growth & Operations leadership team of GE from Shell, where he served as Chairman & Managing Director for Shell Pakistan Limited. Sarim works closely with GE's business leaders, employees, customers and partners to help define the next stage of the company's growth strategy in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, GE is also involved with the country's ambitious National Clean Water Initiative, which will use GE ultrafiltration systems at over a thousand distribution sites. The initiative is expected to improve the lives of over one million people by providing them with access to treated water that meets World Health Organization standards. Pakistan's first renewable energy project to use sugarcane-waste biogas created from the production of ethanol is powered by eight of GE Energy's ecomagination Jenbacher biogas engines. It's designed to generate enough power to support more than 50,000 homes in Pakistan.

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