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Press Release

GE and MOME collaborate to combine creativity, innovation and education

May 13, 2016

March 2016 -

GE Hungary and one of the most forward-looking universities in Hungary, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) have signed an exemplary strategic agreement.

In frame of the recently signed agreement, MOME and GE Hungary will strive to work out a higher education model that enables more efficient cooperation between higher education institutes and the competitive sector while strengthening their research, development and innovation activities in a mutual and sustainable way, and at the same time ensures that education institutes give answers as an autonomous intellectual community to the questions and challenges of the future.

The cooperation between the business and the academic sectors is to promote the two-way flow of information and to support outstanding achievements in sciences, technology and arts. The scope of the cooperation covers also the responsible care for, and development of, the talents and skills of those participating in higher education as well as the strengthening of international knowledge-sharing.

For the past 25 years GE has had several initiatives and cooperation with different educational institutes in Hungary. In 2015, GE has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Semmelweis University to collaborate for better health worldwide.

“This strategic agreement offers an excellent opportunity for MOME to acknowledge GE as a long-term collaborative partner at their side during the University’s large scale development to create MOME Campus - Creative Innovation and Knowledge Park”, Rector of MOME József Fülöp highlighted.

“This collaboration will combine the knowhow of GE people, who have demonstrated success in multiple areas, and the excellent talent pool and education offered by MOME University.  I am confident that this educational model will be very successful in the long run, easily taking on any challenges and contributing to preparing the leaders of the future”,  said Joerg Bauer, President of GE Hungary.  

The unique agreement was coordinated by Laboratory Group, one of Hungary’s most creative communications agencies.

“It is not simply a sponsorship agreement but a long-term partnership that can set an example for a successful cooperation between global industry players and education institutes in the future, enabling them to work on joint win-win projects. As part of the new collaboration, MOME will launch a special GE course titled “Creative Lighting” in April", said Alex Szénássy, founder of Laboratory Group.

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