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Energy Sector Optimization Offers Potential Multibillion Dollar Savings for Thailand

September 19, 2017
  • Studies indicate plant and transmission and distribution network upgrades could lead to cost savings of more than $6 billion, and a further $2.6 billion savings potential through digitally enabled optimization
  • Optimization across the Energy Ecosystem could potentially deliver a reduction of about 8.6 million tons CO2 reduction annually
  • Efficiency projections, Thailand’s future energy landscape, and new energy technologies showcased at Powering Thailand 

Bangkok, Thailand - September 18, 2017 - Thailand’s 4.0 digital transformation drive could help achieve multibillion dollar savings and a significant reduction in carbon emissions throughout the country’s energy sector.

The adoption of the latest digital technologies to enhance and optimize Thailand’s energy assets and networks, combined with the deployment of the most efficient gas turbines, ultra-super critical coal technology, and the upgrading of existing plants and transmission and distribution networks, are all expected to provide Thailand with substantial savings and enormous reductions in carbon emissions and go a long way to achieving Thailand’s goals for energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Analysis by GE (GE:NYSE) estimates that plant, and transmission and distribution network upgrades, could lead to savings of $6 billion (bn) while digital optimization could add a further $2.6bn in value, over the lifecycle of Thailand’s existing and upcoming power production, transmission, and distribution assets. If fully implemented, these could also result in CO2 reduction of 8.6 million tons annually (about 9% of power-generated CO2 emissions today).

In terms of deploying latest technology solutions for new power plants, Thailand is an early adopter of H-class gas technologies that have the potential to improve efficiencies by 5% and reduce CO2 emissions by 0.3 million tons annually, compared to conventional F-class technology. Thailand will also deploy ultra-supercritical clean coal technologies that could also improve efficiencies by 5% and reduce CO2 emissions by 0.4 million tons annually, compared to supercritical technology.

In addition, the upgrade of Thailand’s existing power plants could potentially produce a 1% efficiency gain that translates to $3bn in cost savings over the lifecycle of the asset, and a reduction in CO2 emissions by 3.5 million tons annually. On top of these, optimization enabled by digital solutions is estimated to generate additional improvement gains.

The future of Thailand’s power generation - including these savings and opportunities - were discussed today at ‘Powering Thailand,’ a conference organized by GE to bring together energy experts to analyze the opportunities and challenges for the country’s energy ecosystem. GE also unveiled its Energy Ecosystem - an interconnected system of digital and industrial technologies that support the entire energy value chain, from production and distribution to the ultimate point of electricity usage - at the conference. 

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