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Press Release

From 20 to 2,000 engineers

April 26, 2016

In the early days of the Engineering Design Center and its work with GE, engineers set the objective of creating an organization that would not turn its back on the Polish tradition of scientific thinking. Rather, it would draw on it, combining this thinking with innovative solutions found in state-of-the-art technologies. Time has shown that these plans have been fruitful, and that the mission is as valid today as it was 15 years ago. 

The vision of the EDC has been constantly evolving since its founding in 2000. In the beginning, it was a centre dealing exclusively with aviation projects. Later, our colleagues from other sections of GE saw the skills of our Polish engineers and created their own units here. This was a clear signal that when working with advanced technologies, Poland is definitely a place worthy of attention.

Since its beginning, the EDC engaged not only in its core activity but also committed to sharing values of responsible business. In recent months, we have worked on several initiatives. In May, I officially signed the Diversity Charter - a commitment to promote Equality and Diversity in the company. On June 12, EDC employees took part in a forum titled “International Cooperation of Research Institutes,” organized by the Institute of Aviation, where a new Innovative Air and Space Technology Center was officially opened. The new facility will be used not only by engineers from the Institute of Aviation, but also by GE specialists. The conference participants shared their own best practices and discussed essential issues connected to Polish science and national industry.

In addition, we were very proud to recently act as the patron of the 34th International Seminar of Students’ Scientific Groups, held May 13-15 at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. All participants who presented their scientific work had the chance to win a special reward - a fully paid EDC internship. As a result the winners will be working with us during this summer.

Without question, we’ve come a long way. The EDC in Warsaw was created in April 2000, under an agreement between General Electric Aircraft Engines and the Institute of Aviation and the first team of engineers consisted of just 20 people. Ten years later the number of engineers working at the EDC exceeded 1,000.

Today, it has over 2,000 employees, mainly young, well-educated people with a passion and willingness to cross intellectual barriers. Thanks to them, we can grow and take on more responsibility for projects commissioned by General Electric.

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