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An evolved approach to maintenance planning

As energy demands increase, aero equipment has become the preferred solution in peaking operations. Frequent starts can cause excess wear and unplanned outages. Preventive maintenance is the best support for consistent asset reliability and performance.

Continuous partnership between aero users and GE

As a leading OEM, GE offers advantages in product knowledge and long term relationships with our operator community, which allow unparalleled insight into the experience of our global fleet. As our industry evolves, GE’s approach to ensuring reliability and longevity of assets has progressed as well. We’ve moved toward more efficient, effective prescriptive turbine maintenance.


Efficient, effective outage guidance

Managed care collects real time data from GE assets, while local inspections reveal condition and time until the next repair or major overhaul. Outage recommendations can improve asset reliability and performance to support the customer’s business plan.


Aero managed care: collecting data directly from operations maintenance 

GE approaches aero managed care by prioritizing customer needs and operational profile. Our outage guidance offers precise data to help customers manage asset use and operating performance. By assessing both site operating profile and fleet asset performance, GE can re-align its own operational planning to support customer requirements more effectively.

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