Introducing the GridOS Connect Partners

The GridOS®️ Partner Ecosystem proudly announces its new GridOS Connect Partner Program. This subset of the wider Ecosystem is composed of partners offering applications that work seamlessly with GridOS and meet key requirements of interoperability, reliability, scalability, compatibility, and security. The program offers customers a selection of trusted, certified application tailored to their niche use cases, faster time-to-value, and easier sharing and utilization of energy data.

We’re all in this together

Orchestrating the modern energy grid is a huge endeavor. Our partners augment GridOS with crucial services and technologies that drive success. From driving implementations, to helping with change management, to setting up hybrid cloud and beyond, our partners will support the modernization of your grid.


Our partners cover a wide range of needed services, applications, and capabilities, enabling you to select the partner that is right for you.


Our partners offer an array of innovative solutions and applications supported by GridOS.


The partners contribute a variety of tools, technology, and more to help drive value across the board.

System integration partners

GridOS system integration partners support the GridOS customer experience with top-notch services like change management, data integration, project implementation, and security. Their guidance makes a world of difference in ensuring seamless, successful grid orchestration.

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Cloud partners

Our cloud partners help GridOS customers unlock the full potential of cloud-enabled applications and software deployments. The advantages of cloud for grid software include easier scaling, better cybersecurity, increased speed, and improved deployments - and the cloud partners ensure that GridOS customers reap all of those benefits and more.

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Solution providers

GridOS software partners contribute an array of supplementary solutions and technologies with advanced capabilities that address today’s toughest grid challenges.

Within the Solution Providers category lies the exclusive GridOS Connect Partner Program.

These partner apps offer easier interoperability and compatibility with the GridOS solutions and platform. As a result, utilities benefit from faster time-to-value, expedited deployments, improved reliability, scalability, and other key advantages.

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GridOS is just one piece of the puzzle

GridOS is the foundation to orchestrate a more sustainable energy grid
across transmission, distribution and the edge. Our handpicked partner
ecosystem knows how to implement, integrate and build in the GridOS
platform and applications. Our partners are a critical piece to help you
navigate the grid modernization journey.

More about our partners

AWS logo on a background of grid infrastructure

AWS Offers Secure Cloud Computing for Grids

As a cloud partner, AWS enables customers to deploy GridOS in the hybrid cloud, offering a slew of benefits.

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Infosys Accelerates Energy Transition for Utilities

Infosys’ digital transformation experts help ensure GridOS customers accelerate and simplify deployments and integrations.

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Accenture Provides IT Expertise for GridOS Customers

As a premier IT consultancy, Accenture contributes invaluable system integration and grid modernization services.


Who can access the Partner Ecosystem?

Any GridOS customer can benefit from the services, applications, capabilities, and other offerings of the Partner Ecosystem. Partner offerings are designed to improve outcomes, accelerate time-to-value, and more.

How do you choose the Partners?

The Partners are all leading companies in their respective fields of expertise – including consulting, technology, and planning. All of them have experience providing key services and solutions to energy utilities. Each undergoes an evaluation of the value they can offer GridOS customers in support of their grid modernization journeys. Only those organizations that contribute the most value are offered the opportunity to be Partners.

I’ve identified a Partner with the exact services I need! How do I get started?

Excellent! Please contact us here to explain your interest and we’ll get in touch to discuss next steps.

Why should I work with a Partner?

Orchestrating the grid is not that simple. There are numerous steps you can take to ensure maximum success and value of your network. Orchestration is truly a team sport, and the Partners support your grid orchestration efforts in ways that GridOS solutions alone cannot, such as ensuring user adoption, speeding up deployments, and helping you transition to the cloud. Together, GridOS and its Partners will enable your success.

What is the GridOS Connect Partner Program?

The GridOS Connect Partner Program is a special certification program that ensures Partner products work seamlessly with GridOS applications and meet specific requirements for interoperability, reliability, scalability, compatibility, and security.

Why did GE Vernova create the GridOS Connect Partner Program?

The GridOS Connect Partner Program was created to build a broad GridOS ecosystem of applications that can help utility customers address mission-critical challenges at the speed needed to keep up with the ever-changing sustainable energy grid.

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