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Predix Platform provides a deployment model that spans cloud, on-premise, and the edge—allowing workloads to be managed and run where they are needed so applications can deliver the best industrial outcomes

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Why edge-to-cloud matters

Industrial maintenance operator using GE Digital software on mobile device for APM

Industrial operations are often located in harsh environments. And for many companies, connecting to remote assets and securely transferring operational data remains a significant challenge. Typical solutions merely aggregate and filter data prior to sending to the cloud. Predix Platform offers a unique approach. Comprised of two software stacks, one for edge and one for cloud, they work together as one—enabling data ingestion, analysis, intelligence gathering, and control at the place where it's needed.

Benefits of edge-to-cloud technology

Meeting industrial data challenges

Unreliable connectivity, lack of near real-time control, the high cost of moving large volumes of data, managing thousands of devices, and meeting industry regulations are challenges that Predix Platform addresses.

Edge technology advantages

Predix Edge technology provides the necessary capabilities to connect to an asset, perform analysis, securely transfer data to Predix Cloud, and manage the lifecycle of devices.

Cloud technology advantages

Predix Cloud provides hyper-scale elasticity, mission-critical availability, and security support for data at rest and in motion.

Predix Edge

Industrial control center using GE Digital's Predix apps for predictive maintenance

Intelligence at the right place

Predix Edge provides powerful connectivity and management capabilities, as well as support for container-based apps and analytics with ultimate flexibility. By supporting deployment options from controllers and gateways to high-end servers, Predix Edge delivers connectivity, apps, and intelligence from the plant floor to the data center.

Automotive manufacturers using edge-to-cloud technology including historian software

Connect to your assets and OT data

Predix Edge connects to industrial assets to collect data and send control signals. It supports a wide variety of standard and proprietary protocols, as well as connectors to popular historian products. Data can be filtered, processed by local apps and analytics, then reliably forwarded to Predix Cloud for further processing.

Industrial maintenance operator responsible for asset performance management

Process data at the edge

Predix Edge supports data processing from basic filtering and aggregation to local applications and complex machine learning analytics. With support for standard containers and complex event processing engines, Predix Edge can host local monitoring applications, custom data processing, streaming analytics, and more.

GE Digital's Predix edge-to-cloud Edge manager screenshot, desktop

Manage edge devices

Predix Edge Manager offers a unified view and tools to manage both edge instances and edge-connected devices. It supports enrollment, provisioning, monitoring, configuration, update, and deployment of apps and analytics across Edge fleets, as well as secure enrollment, monitoring and alerting for edge-connected devices.

Predix Cloud

Edge-to-cloud applications can help container terminals optimize efficiency

Purpose-built for industry

Predix cloud provides hyper-scale elasticity, mission-critical availability, and security support for data at rest and in motion. It can handle vast amounts of industrial Internet information, while also managing customer SLAs, security, support, governance, compliance, and export controls.

Predix Connectivity offers seamless, secure, and reliable end-to-end communication between Predix Edge devices and Predix Cloud over various access networks, including fixed line, cellular, and satellite communication. This allows customers to securely connect existing infrastructure-and new deployments-to the cloud for data ingestion, running analytics, remote device monitoring, and management.

Industrial asset performance optimized with Predix software apps from GE Digital

Asset centric

Predix Platform's asset model is a critical platform component that drives differentiation. The model describes the structure of subsystems, subassemblies, and components of a unique asset. Thus, the asset model provides a unified construct to turn asset data into intelligence, which can be utilized across multiple systems and applications. The asset model can be extended and reused through digital twin technology, providing a single source of truth about the asset.

Predix Private Cloud

Private cloud graphic illustrating Predix Private Cloud from GE Digital

On-premises Predix Platform deployment

A public cloud solution is not the right fit for all customers and circumstances. For customers who desire the security and data sovereignty that can only be provided by a private cloud infrastructure, Predix Private Cloud is a secure, scalable, and hyper-converged on-premises Predix Platform solution. It offers the key functionality, application and analytics support, and scalability of Predix Cloud within the private environment of a customer’s data center.

Explore other Predix Platform features

Mining illustration of predictive analytic capabilities of GE Digital's industrial apps
IIoT Platform

Machine Learning and Analytics

Predix Platform provides a rich industrial-grade analytics library and framework to create machine learning analytics tailored to digital twin asset models…

Industrial app developer using Predix Platform from GE Digital on mobile device
IIoT Platform

Predix Platform

Connect, optimize, and scale your digital industrial applications.