Working on Operations

You can clock onto individual work order operations to view associated documents and work instructions, and to complete operation tasks.

  1. Locate one or more operations using the Search option.
  2. Optional: To associate an operation with an alternate labor type such as Rework:
    1. Click the icon on the far right to extend the operation display.
      A section appears with a description of the operation, and a Labor Type drop-down menu.
    2. Select the applicable labor type.
      If you select a labor type that does not support the the operation's status, an error message appears advising that you cannot clock on with the selected labor type. If you do not select a labor type, the default is direct labor.
  3. To clock onto the operation, click the On button on the right.
    • If the operation is on a work order with more than one serialized part, the Select Serial Numbers page opens first. Go to Step 4.
      Note: If you selected an alternate labor type in Step 2, only the serial numbers for that labor type appear.
    • If the operation is on a work order for non-serialized parts, or if the work order lists only one serialized part (the application assumes it is selected), the Operation Details page opens immediately. Skip to Step 5.
  4. Select one or more part serial numbers.
    • To select one or more serial numbers immediately, click each applicable serial number.
    • To select all serial numbers, click Select All in the upper-right corner.
    • To filter the serial numbers, enter criteria in the Filter field in the upper-right corner (the content filters as you type), then select one or more specific serial numbers or click Select All.
      Tip: When you click Select All in the filtered display, the application retains the filtering. For example, if you filter an original display of five serial numbers to two serial numbers, and then click Select All, the application selects only the two filtered serial numbers. The filtered numbers remain selected even if you re-display all serial numbers.
    • To clear selections, click Select All a second time.
  5. Click the Clock On button in the lower-right corner.
    The button shows how many serial numbers are selected.
    The Operation Detail page opens, with tabs based on your configuration (such as Tasks, Instructions, Documents, Quality Data, and so forth). An operation status icon also appears in the upper-right corner.
    Table 1. Operation Status Indicators
    This status Icon... Indicates this...
    The operation is not ready.
    The operation is ready.
    The operation is currently in progress.
    There is a hold on the operation.
    The operation is pending.
    One or more parts are in rework status.
    The operation has been skipped.
    The operation has been canceled.
    The operation is complete.
    Tip: For serialized parts, your full name (as the clocked on operator) also appears if the configuration has been set up to display full names. If the full name is not configured, your Application Assembler login name appears.
  6. To return to the list of operations, click Operations in the breadcrumbs string displayed in the Brilliant Manufacturing banner. The string is persistent on all pages.