Business Operations

About Business Operations

Use the Nurego business operations automation service to measure and monetize your service with subscription management, entitlement controls, and revenue management. You can automate key components of your business, including how you roll out, test, and scale product features, catalogs, packaging, pricing, and policies for specific customers or distribution channels. For example, you can schedule and target a roll-out to a single customer, a segment of customers, or a specific distribution channel.

The business operations service enables you to
  • Segment and manage subscribers based on certain properties, for example, plan, payment schedules, and activation date.
  • Record metrics such as average revenue per customer, customer acquisition costs, sign-ups, cost to serve, and cancellations.
  • Add and remove products, associated plans, and features.
  • Roll out specific offerings to segments of subscribers.
  • Send e-mails to specific segments of subscribers.
  • Manage billing options and preferences
  • Integrate using Java, Ruby and JavaScript libraries.