Overview of the OPC UA Server

The iFIX OPC UA Server implements OPC Unified Architecture (UA), which is a secure, scalable, multi-platform communication protocol. The iFIX OPC UA Server allows OPC UA Clients to access data and alarms in the iFIX database.

For example, you can use the OPC UA Server to share data in the iFIX Database with applications on your plant floor, with analytic tools, or with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems via OPC UA client interfaces.

As an add-on component to iFIX, the iFIX OPC UA Server only runs when enabled, and when a valid certificate has been issued to the server (OPC UA applications need certificates to communicate if communication, privacy, and authentication are enabled). iFIX requires a restart after any change to OPC UA Server configuration.

For more detailed information on the OPC UA Server, refer to the following sections:

Important Notice

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