Limitations of the OPC UA Server

In general, limitations for the iFIX OPC UA Server include:

  • The OPC UA Server and the OPC UA Configuration tool is only supported on the SCADA Server. Neither are supported on an iClient (View node) or Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) session.

  • The OPC UA Server provides data and alarms only from the SCADA Server on which it is running. It does not provide access to data and alarms from other iFIX SCADAs.

  • The Enhanced Failover feature is not supported for iFIX OPC UA Server. The OPC UA server will provide data and alarms for the local SCADA only, regardless of its Active/Inactive failover state.

  • The Electronic Signature feature is not supported for OPC UA Server access.

  • Historical OPC UA data sources are not supported.

  • OPC UA clients will not be able to perform alarm shelving; they will only be able to view the shelved state and changes to the state.

Important Notice

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