Map Existing UAA Groups With Historian UAA

About this task

If you want users from an existing instance of UAA to use Historian, you must map the corresponding UAA groups with an Historian UAA group, which is created during Historian web-based Clients installation.


  1. Double-click the UAA LDAP Tool icon on the Desktop.
    Tip: By default, this icon appears on the desktop after you install Historian web-based clients .
    The UAA/LDAP Connectivity Tool page appears.
  2. Select the Map Existing UAA Groups check box.
  3. In the UAA Connection section, provide values as specified in the following table.
    Important: The values that you provide in this step must match the values that you provided in the User Authentication and Authorization Service page while installing web-based clients. These values are required to connect to the web-based clients UAA. Web-Based clients works only with a single instance of UAA, which is specified during web-based clients installation. After installation, you cannot change the instance of UAA that web-based clients will use.
    URLEnter the authorization server URL of the UAA that you specified in the UAA Base URL box during installation (for example, https://localhost).
    Client IDEnter Admin as client ID.
    Client SecretEnter the client secret configured for the OAuth client that you specified in the Admin Client Secret box during installation.
  4. Select Test.
    If connection to the UAA server is established, a message appears, confirming the same.
  5. Select Continue.
    In the UAA Mapping section, the drop-down list box contains a list of groups in

    Historian UAA. In the Filter box, a list of groups in the existing UAA instance appear.

  6. In the drop-down list box, select the UAA group to which you want to map the existing UAA groups.
  7. In the Filter box, select the check boxes corresponding to the existing UAA groups that you want to map.
    Note: If a group is already mapped to the UAA group that you have selected, the check box is already selected.
  8. Select Map Members.
    A message appears, confirming that the Historian UAA group is mapped to the existing UAA groups that you have selected.


The existing UAA groups are mapped with the Historian UAA groups.