Tuning Parameters

This topic provides a list of tuning parameters that you can use to fine-tune the performance of the Azure IoT distributor.
Parameter Description Valid Values
CloudMaxSamplesPerMsg The maximum number of data points that you want to send in a single message. The default value is 1000. Any value between 300 and 1000
EanbleAutoSamplesPerMsg Indicates whether the number of data points to be sent in a single message must be reduced to avoid time out issues.
  • 0: Enter this value if you want to disable this option.
  • 1: Enter this value if you want to enable this option.
AzureLogLevel The log level for Azure IoT Hub.
  • 0: No logging is done.
  • 1: Only error messages are included.
  • 2: Only error and warning messages are included.
  • 3: Only informational messages are included (includes Send message IDs and Acknowledgements).
  • 4: Message data and Azure logging are included.
CloudMaxRetryTimer The maximum time the collector waits to resend unacknowledged messages. This parameter is useful when the message size is too big and hence, takes a long time to receive an acknowledgement from Azure IoT Hub. The default value is 120 seconds. Any value between 120 and 600