Searching a Tag Using Advance Search Criteria

About this task

The Advanced Tag Search dialog allows you to search the set of tags that match the search criteria and then to perform actions based on one or more tags that you select from the list. It saves the most recently used search criteria to a file named DefaultSearchCriteria.xml in the Excel AppData path (c:\user- s\<username>\AppData) and this criteria is automatically loaded into the dialog the next time it is opened. This feature allows you to re-use or modify the criteria rather than entering them each time. If you want to reset your criteria, delete the XML file.

Using this search dialog, you can:
  • Add multiple search criteria based on the tag criteria and the criteria value.
  • Modify the existing criteria value.
  • Delete the unwanted search criteria from the list.
  • Save any list of criteria to a file.
  • Load a saved criteria list for searches.
  • Automatically load the most recently used criteria for re-use.
  • Search the Historian database based on the search criteria.
  • View the details of a tag.


  1. From the Proficy Historian Advanced Tag Search dialog box, select the Tag Criteria from the list.
  2. Enter or select the Tag Criteria Value.
  3. Click the Add Criteria button.
    The criteria is listed in the Search Criteria list section.
  4. Click the Search button.
    All tags that satisfy the query criteria are displayed in the Available section.
  5. Select Tags from the Avaliable List:
    • Click a specific tag name to select it from the list. To select multiple individual tags, press the Control key and click the tag names. To select a sequence of tags, press the Shift key and click the first and last tag name of the sequence.
    • When you have selected the tags you want, click the right arrow (>) button. This moves the selected tags to the right hand window. The selected tags are the tags for which the query obtains and displays data. If you click the double right arrow(>>) instead of the single right arrow, you select and move all tags to the right hand window.
    • If you change your mind about a tag, you can deselect it by clicking on the tag name to highlight it and then clicking theleft arrow (<) button. This moves the tag back to the left hand window, removing it from the list of selected tags. Similarly, you can deselect all tags, by clicking the double left arrow (<<).
  6. To modify the Tag Criteria Value already entered:
    1. Double-click the criteria from the list.
    2. Change the Tag Criteria Value.
    3. Click the Update Criteria button. The criteria value is updated with the new value.
  7. To delete the search criteria from the list:
    1. Select the criteria from the list and click the Delete button.
    2. Click the Select All button and then click Delete, to delete the entire criteria list.
    3. Click the UnSelect All button, to remove the selection.
  8. To save a search Criteria List to be reused:
    1. Create your search criteria list.
    2. Click on the Save button.

      The Save As dialog box appears.

    3. Enter the file name and click Save.

      Your Criteria list is saved as a .xml file.

  9. To load an existing Criteria List:
    1. Click on the Load button. The Open dialog box appears.
    2. Choose the file (.xml) you saved earlier and click Open.

      The criteria list is loaded to the Advanced Tag Search window and it can be used for searching.

  10. To view the tag attributes, double-click the tag from the available section or from the selected section.
    The Tag Attributes dialog box appears with the attribute details.
  11. Click OK to return the list of tags on the parent dialog box.
  12. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.