Historian Release Notes

Table 1. What's New in Historian

The following enhancements and new features have been added

DescriptionTracking ID
Excel Add-in for Operations Hub

Starting Historian 8.0 version, a new Excel Add-in for Operations Hub has been introduced. This Excel Add-in enables you to query historical data of objects and object types defined in Operations Hub.

Customers purchasing Historian Standard or Enterprise licenses now receive a no-cost license for the Operations Hub Server and Historian Analysis run-time application. This Operations Hub Server enables customers to define an asset model including tag mapping. The Historian Analysis application is a pre-built Operations Hub HTML5 application that enables users to do advanced trend analyses, including the ability to make annotations.


Enhanced REST APIs

Starting Historian 8.0, the following REST APIs have been introduced.
  • Query Results API enables you to configure the number of samples required to be returned. By default, the value is 5000.
  • Write Tag API enables you to write data to a tag.
  • Rename Tag API enables you to rename a tag.
Enhanced APIs to track Version of Collectors

Starting Historian 8.0 version, the Client Access API and Historian SDK are enhanced to provide the version information of the collectors of version 5.0 and above. This enables you to know the current version of the collectors installed.

Common UAA for Historian

Starting Historian 8.0 version, a common User Authentication and Authorization (UAA) service is introduced. You can either use the common UAA deployed by any other products such as, Operations Hub, Plant Apps; or you can deploy the common UAA using Historian.

Optional installation for Web-based components

Previously, the Web-based components (Historian Web Admin, Historian Trend Client, REST API) are installed with Historian server by default. Starting Historian 8.0, the installation of Web-based components is made optional.

Introduced MQTT Collector

Starting Historian 8.0 version, a new MQTT collector is introduced. The Historian MQTT Collector connects to MQTT broker. It subscribes to a topic and streams the data to Historian Server or Predix Time Series.

Introduced JAVA APIs

Starting Historian 8.0 version, you can connect to Proficy Historian using JAVA APIs to read and write tag data.

Table 2. Resolved Issues

The following issues that existed in one or more previous versions have been resolved.

DescriptionTracking ID
Previously, the Alarm Backup/Purge/Restore operation did not return the Alarms and Events database to its previous status. This issue has been resolved.DE109010
Previously, there were issues in SQL Server performance. These issues have now been resolved.DE109971
Previously, there was handle leak issue in HDANSrv.Net4. This issue has been resolved.DE116401
Previously, while migrating data using the Proficy Historian IHA Migration Utility with Migrate using tag mask option, the source tag configuration was getting imported. This issue has been resolved.DE117353
Previously, there were issues in the recalculation feature of Server to Cloud collector. This issue has been resolved.DE118232
Previously, iFix Collector stopped working intermittently. This issue has been resolved.DE118336
Previously, the Wonderware Data Collector logs created excessive entries. This issue has been resolved.DE118337
Previously, Data Archiver Service stopped intermittently, and the data was not getting logged in the archives in Historian version 6.1 SIM 12. This issue has been resolved.DE119156
Previously, there were connection issues between OPC Data Collector and OPC Server. These issues have been resolved.DE119455
Previously, there were issues in calculation tag import. These issues have been resolved.DE121592
Previously, in Historian Rest API when you queried for the first time with a new token, it took long time to receive response. This issue has been resolved.DE121619
Table 3. Known Issues

The following issues are unresolved in this release.

DescriptionTracking ID
Archive backup is not functional in the web admin.

Workaround: Perform archive backup using the ihArchiverBackup tool or Think client.

File, Calculation, and Simulator collector services are removed after installing the Client tools.

Workaround: Reinstall the collectors after installing the Client tools.

When you use Excel Add-in Client tools for Mirror Node the Data Archiver Services are not appearing in services.DE123374
Collectors services are deleted after server is uninstalled.

Workaround: Reinstall the collectors after installing the Client tools.

When you install Alarms & Events, Excel is uninstalled.

Workaround: Reinstall the Excel add-in after installing Alarms & Events.

You cannot export only one tag using the Excel add-in.

Workaround: Enter ? after the tag name that you want to export.

When Collector Compression is Enabled and set to Absolute, the Compression Timeout Value is not retained.DE123116
When compression in turned on with compression timeout, invalid data points are logged .DE123049
The Max. Recovery Time property cannot be for S2D.DE122998
The Tags to Recalculate section is disabled in the Recalculate window of the S2D Collector.DE122986
When you uninstall the collector, the OPC Collector Shortcut is not removed.DE122882
The Second data point is not available after Data Collection is disabled and enabled at Source in the S2S Collector.DE122660
AdoptOpenJDK is installed in only C-Drive, when you choose to install Historian in the any other drive.DE112542
Historian 7.1 Sim1 uninstallation fails on some of the machines.

Workaround: Stop all Historian Server services and then uninstall Historian Sim1.

Tags which are associated with ENUM are not correctly displayed in the destination machine when connected using OPC HDA Collector.DE113677
Compression is not applied for OPCHDA Cloud collector.DE114500
When you update the archive duration from 1 Day to 1 Hour using Historian Administrator, Day based archives are created instead of Hour based archives in Mirroring system.DE114615
When you upgrade a Collector to the latest version the settings are not updated.DE115227
When compression is enabled for Cloud Collector tag, an extra value is stored before the compression timeout.DE115323
User is not able to log in to Plant Applications, if Historian is installed after installing Plant Applications.DE115530
Wonderware Collector is crashing when you select and delete all the source tags at once.DE115868
Prefix is not getting added to the messages when message prefix is enabled in Server to Server Collector configurations.DE113857
Compression is not working in OPC HDA Collector.DE114864
Readattime option is not working while querying the data from OPC HDA Server using Matrikon ClientDE115033
Tag level Security - Administrator group user cannot browse and edit the tag if Read or Write group is already configured.DE115633

Data loss is observed in Server to Cloud Collector backfill


ReadRaw query fails while installing OPC HDA Server.

In case, the user is planning to install products like Cimplicity or iFIX, Historian must be installed last.DE92870

Alarm Archiver is not uninstalling completely.

Workaround: Uninstalling Historian Alarms and Events alone will not clear all binaries and services. To uninstall completely, Historian server needs to be uninstalled first, this in turn will uninstall Historian Alarms and Events as well.


Following are the issues that are consolidated as known issues with Installers of various Historian components:

DE91421 : WPC Collector .exe is not upgraded in the windows service after upgrade from 7.0 SP5 to 7.1.

DE91413 : Excel Add-In not retaining default server setting on upgrade

DE91424 : On upgrading Collectors it does not retain Historian server name

DE92530 : Upgrade of Alarm Archiver from 5.5 to 7.1 is uninstalling previously installed excel add-in

DE93236 : Alarm Archiver is not uninstalling properly

DE93253 : Start collector shortcut is not removed from Start / Program Menu after uninstalling OPC DA and OPC collector

DE91414 : Client tools installation asking for OPC prog ids

DE91419 : Collectors getting installed when only client tools are installed

DE91461 : 7.1 excel addin doesn't ask for historian server name while installing, 5.5 excel addin asks

DE91503 : Upgrade dialog box is displayed while performing uninstallation of Client Tools (Proficy historian)

DE92870 : Historian install fails if its installed before CIMPLICITY or iFIX

DE92912 : Alarm and Event service is removed from system after upgrading from SP6 to 7.1

Workaround for the above issue is: Uninstall the component that has the issue from the above list and then install the respective Historian 7.1 component afresh. Make sure appropriate backups (Such as : registry, data files, credentials, custom settings etc.) are taken before uninstalling the component.

If the tag is renamed (not permanent rename - Aliasing) the tag name is available for selection in the browse tag list(shown in blue color). If the user tries to select and add the tag, an error message is throwing denoting "Error Adding Tags".DE91020

In a domain environment, collectors which are running under local system account are not connected to Historian Enterprise OR PH5.5.

User need to run the collector as Specific user account and then start the collector service to connect to Historian Server.

In the Excel Add-In, the search message functionality is not returning expected output when start/end time format is mm/dd/yyyyy HH:mm:ss.DE93928
Using Historian Microsoft Excel Add-in plugin, querying for Historian tags data would work consistently across multiple versions of Microsoft Excel only when the with length of the tag is less than or equal to 180 characters. It is possible that with the latest versions of Microsoft Excel (2016) length could be more.DE93442
In Trend Client, due to long length (around 256 characters), the display of all tags is not properly aligned. You may see the same issue in Current value charts.DE94749

Historian SDK sample (VB) is shipped with Historian Server Install only and not with the Client Tools Install.

Work around: Use the Historian SDK samples (VB) from Samples\SDK folder.