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In Peebles, Ohio, we're testing aircraft engines that produce fewer emissions and make less noise.

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In Peebles, Ohio, we're testing aircraft engines that produce fewer emissions and make less noise.

GE works by moving the world on lighter, quieter, more fuel-efficient engines.

Number of aircraft with CFM* engines that have taken off since loading this page.


Number of people who've flown on GE or JV partner engines since loading this page.


Fewer decibels of noise pollution produced by the GEnx in comparison to its GE predecessor.

* CFM International is a 50/50 joint venture between GE and Snecma (Safran group).
The GEnx Engine.

The GEnx Engine

The GEnx aircraft engine represents a leap forward in propulsion technology, using the latest generation materials and design processes to reduce weight, improve performance and lower maintenance.

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Meet the GE people working to make the skies quieter.

In London, we are making sure that the world's best athletes have world-class medical technologies.

GE works by creating an advanced Polyclinic right in the heart of the Olympic Village.


Athletes and team officials who will have access to the GE Polyclinic.


Heartbeats of an average Olympian since loading this page - 32 beats per minute less than an average person.


Pounds of healthcare technology GE donated to the new neonatal unit at Homerton University Hospital.

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Want to get healthy like an Olympian? You can start here.

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GE Medical Technology MRI Scan

GE Discovery MR750w and Optima MR450w

The GE Discovery MR750w wide bore 3T and Optima MR450w wide bore 1.5T MRI scanners are designed for a better patient experience during an exam by naturally following the contours of the human body. Each system offers exceptional image quality of bones, joints and muscles to the clinicians working at the Olympic Polyclinic for a more confident diagnosis of an athlete's injuries. GE is helping clinicians cure with medical technology at the Olympics.

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Know more about GE Sponsorship of London 2012 Olympic Games with GE Interactive London 2012 map.

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Meet the people who make GE work.

In Jenbach, Austria, we're making gas engines that turn waste into environmentally beneficial power.

GE works by powering the planet with the Jenbacher gas engine.


Number of Jenbacher gas engines that will provide power to energy centers at the 2012 London Olympics.


Number of homes powered by the Jenbacher gas engines at the Great Northern Hydroponics Greenhouse.


KW of electrical output produced by a Jenbacher cogeneration plant using the waste of 2,500 cows.

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See how GE's Jenbacher gas engine affects your family's dinner.


Quality testing where a flywheel's dimensions are checked by quality engineer, Georg Astner.


Diagrams showing different cylinder heads.


Gear wheel housing for the J920, technician, Wolfgang Rauter.


Various Jenbacher gas engines with their air exhausts installed.


GE's Gas Engines headquarter in Jenbach, Austria.


Engine assembly for the J624 with technician, Franz Lechthaler.


Exterior shot of GE's Gas Engines site in Jenbach, Austria.


Aerial shot of Hall 23. Electrical engineering— the final stage before shipping—takes place here.


A Jenbacher gas engine at the overhaul facility.

GE's Jenbacher J620 Gas Engine

GE's Jenbacher J620 Gas Engine

Learn more about the Jenbacher gas engines that power the Great Northern Hydroponics Greenhouse in Ontario, Canada.

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Meet the GE people working to power the world with cleaner energy.

In Greenville, SC, we're developing cleaner gas turbine technologies and close-knit teams.

At the world's largest gas turbine manufacturing facility of its kind, GE works by building turbines with fewer emissions.


Number of countries in which GE is hiring.


Number of community projects the Greenville plant completed in 2011, valuing $200,000.


Hours of community service logged by Greenville employees this year.

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Greenville Operations Leader, Mallika Ramaswamy, explains how the way we build things is just as important as the things we build.

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See How GE is at work building the American work force. Full Infographic
generalelectric generalelectric

GE F-class Gas TurbineAn F-class gas turbine being assembled in Greenville, SC.

9/28/11 4:12PM
The 9FB Gas Turbine.

9FB Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

Our focus on ecomagination means we're always striving to find more creative and more efficient ways to make energy. The GE 9FB Gas Turbine is no different, with the potential to avoid emissions of 12,700 tons of CO2 per year.

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Meet the GE people who are working toward a better future.