GE Union Negotiations

Ensuring future success for GE and its employees

GE Union Negotiations

In June 2019, GE and its national unions will begin negotiating a new labor agreement to replace the current contract that expires on June 23. GE is committed to reaching a fair deal that continues to ensure both employees and the company can succeed in today’s increasingly competitive world.


GE understands the important contributions of all its employees and has worked hard to maintain good relationships with union employees and leaders at the local and national levels. Together, we have successfully negotiated 14 consecutive national contracts and many more local contracts over the past four decades.

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Negotiations Overview

Union Negotiations Update with Paul Lalli, June 19, 2019


Union Negotiations Update with Paul Lalli, June 14, 2019


Union Negotiations update with Paul Lalli, June 11, 2019


Negotiations Update with Paul Lalli, June 7, 2019


GE Labor Lead Shares Negotiations Update

GE and the Coordinated Bargaining Committee are meeting in Cincinnati to negotiate a new labor agreement. Now that negotiations have kicked off, Paul Lalli, head of labor negotiations for GE, took a few minutes to give us an update on how things are progressing. Check out the video here.

Read opening remarks here from Paul Lalli, GE’s lead negotiator, given at the start of labor negotiations on June 3, 2019.



Watch our Negotiations 101 video that walks you through the negotiations and addresses some common questions.

Watch our video with Paul Lalli, the head of union negotiations for GE, about the negotiations process and how things have changed since the last negotiations in 2015.

Check out our Negotiations 101 fact sheet to learn all about the negotiations process, a timeline of key milestones, and more.

Key Topics

Paul Lalli, the head of union negotiations for GE, talks in this video about some of the key topics expected to be discussed during the negotiations.



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Health Care

Watch this video to help you learn more about health care benefits at GE.

Watch Paul Lalli, head of union negotiations for GE, discuss the factors GE considers in developing its health care benefits, how our approach compares to other employers, how is the company managing increasing health care costs and more.


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GE Financial Landscape

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GE Retirement Benefits

Watch GE’s head of labor negotiations Paul Lalli talk about how retirement income benefits will be a topic of discussion at the upcoming negotiations.

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Value of a GE Job

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Q: What unions represent GE’s U.S. employees?

A: There are 11 unions that are part of the Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) of GE unions, representing 6,600 U.S. GE employees. The IUE-CWA is the largest of the GE unions, while others include the IAM, UAW, IBEW and IFPTE.


Q: What is the timeline for negotiation and ratification of the agreement?

A: Negotiations are scheduled to start in early June, 2019. Proposal exchange and bargaining will take place between GE and the CBC union leadership (IUE and other CBC union representatives). The goal is to secure a tentative, “handshake” agreement between GE and union leadership on or before June 23, when the current contract expires. Thereafter, the union members would vote on the contract. If the voting goes beyond the contract expiration date, the parties have in the past extended the contract for some brief, reasonable period of time to accommodate the voting.


Q: Will GE reach an agreement with its unions before the current contract expires on June 23, 2019?

A: GE and its unions have successfully negotiated 14 consecutive national contracts and many more local contracts over the past four decades, and while these negotiations bring their own set of unique challenges, we are very hopeful that the parties will reach a timely deal.


Q: What are the big issues being negotiated in 2019?

A: As we have discussed with union leadership, key negotiation topics will likely include wages, overtime pay, health care, retirement income, and business competitiveness. Throughout the negotiations, we will focus on two facts: (1) GE offers quality, sought-after jobs that provide good wages and meaningful benefits and create great value in their local communities; and (2) these negotiations are occurring during a uniquely challenging time for the company, making cost control paramount.


Q: What does GE hope to achieve at contract negotiations?

A: As part of the critical turnaround for our company, GE will seek to reach an agreement that continues to provide good wages and meaningful benefits while addressing the unique challenges we face, balancing the need to invest in our businesses with the interests of employees and shareholders.


Q: How do wages for GE employees compare to similar positions across the country?

A: As we have discussed with union leadership, GE wages for hourly workers are already among the best in the communities in which we operate. For most production employees, pay remains well above the national average for manufacturing workers and comparable jobs in local markets. While attracting top talent is important, labor costs are critical to GE’s competitiveness and impact each business’s product costs and bottom line.


Q: How will GE’s current financial challenges impact this summer’s labor negotiations?

A: GE is facing a number of challenges amidst an uncertain business landscape that make this negotiation significantly different from past negotiations. We are committed to taking the steps necessary to adapt in this uncertain market. We have explained to union leadership that the Company’s current financial position and challenges ahead need to be considered and addressed in the terms of our next national labor agreement.


Q: What is GE doing to help address these financial challenges?

A: GE has already taken significant steps to improve our overall outlook, including:

• Eliminating at least $500 million from the company’s corporate costs by 2020.

• Reduced quarterly dividend to stockholders to save $3.9 billion per year versus prior payout level.

• Substantially completing our $20 billion divestiture target, including combining GE Transportation with Wabtec.

• Agreed to sell our BioPharma unit of GE Healthcare to Danaher for $21.4 billion.

• Pursuing an orderly separation from Baker Hughes, a GE company, over time.

• Reduced the size of GE’s board from 18 directors to 12, with six new directors announced in the past year.

• Proposed de-layering headquarter levels in Power and Renewable Energy to improve visibility and customer focus.


Q: What should GE employees be doing to both stay informed and learn more about the process?

A: As GE continues to meet with union leadership and prepare for negotiations, GE is committed to keeping employees up to date throughout this process. Updates will be made regularly at over the coming weeks and months. Employees should ensure they sign up for email updates to receive the latest news and information, which they can do on the website. These will include videos, fact sheets and other materials on key topics previously discussed with union leadership, including wages, healthcare, retirement and pensions and more.

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