What unions represent GE’s U.S. employees in these negotiations?
There are 8 unions representing approximately 4400 U.S. GE employees across our aerospace and energy businesses impacted by these negotiations. The IUE-CWA is the largest of the GE unions, while others include the IAM, UAW, IBEW and IFPTE.
What is the timeline for negotiations and ratifications of the agreements?
Negotiations began April 2023.

The goal is to secure tentative agreements between GE and union leaders on or before June 18, when most of these contracts expire.
Is GE HealthCare part of these negotiations?
No. Since GE HealthCare became an independent, stand-alone company in January 2023, they are not involved in the GE (GE Aerospace and GE Vernova) union negotiations and will be separately negotiating with their unions.
Will GE reach an agreement with all its unions before the current contract expires on June 18, 2023?
GE and its unions have successfully negotiated 15 consecutive national contracts and many more local contracts over the past five decades. GE is committed to bargaining in good faith, and we are optimistic that the parties will reach agreements on or before their expirations.
What does GE hope to achieve in these contract negotiations?
GE will seek to reach agreements that continue to provide competitive wages and benefits for our production employees in the communities in which they operate, while also ensuring future success of our planned independent businesses.
How will GE’s planned spins impact this year’s labor negotiations?
GE is committed to engaging in good faith bargaining, as we have done for the last five decades. We will be negotiating collective bargaining agreements that support our employees and the businesses for success and long-term growth, including after the spin of our aerospace and energy businesses sometime in early 2024.

GE is confident that as independent businesses, each company will be better equipped to drive long-term profitable growth and create value for all stakeholders, including employees.
What should GE employees be doing to both stay informed and learn more about negotiations?
Employees will be provided an opportunity to stay informed by registering for updates through GE Voices and at GEUnionNegotiations.com over the coming weeks and months.


GE's 2023 Labor Negotiations

The collective bargaining agreements between GE and many of it unions expire on June 18, 2023.

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