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Demo Day… The Digital Industry Program Final

Demo Day… The Digital Industry Program Final

On Monday April 16th, 5 European startups introduced their Predix app, intended for industrial companies, at the Digital Industry Program’s Demo Day, organized by GE Digital European Foundry. It was the second edition of this first-ever European inter-industrial scheme designed on the basis of real customer data and co-managed in partnership with NUMA.

Following the initial selection phase from September to December 2017, the 5 selected startups that became partners began introducing GE’s industrial customers to their innovative applications, created in just 3 months on the Predix digital platform in order to resolve genuine industrial challenges.

When the Digital Industry Program started, over 100 startups applied to attempt to resolve one of the 7 listed industrial challenges, hoping to be chosen on the basis of their skills and their proposals.

Two of the 7 challenges were provided by the city of Eilat, Israel, and they involved mobility and energy use, leading to a boost from GE Israel. Based in Europe, the other 5 startups were boosted by the European Foundry, based in Paris. GE engineering staff (developers, UX designers, data scientists) accelerated the startups over a 3-month period, ensuring that their applications would meet the needs of GE customers.

Last Monday, each startup was asked to pitch their innovative solution in 5 minutes flat before an audience made up of digital technology experts, sponsor company representatives and potential customers and investors. Then the participants watched demonstrations for those solutions, explained in a more personalized, detailed manner.