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Balancing the Equation in a Digital Industrial World

Balancing the Equation in a Digital Industrial World

GE has set a goal to have 20,000 women in technical roles by 2020. By inspiring action and significantly increasing the representation of women in our manufacturing, engineering, IT and product management roles, we are Balancing the Equation.

This is a moral and economic priority for us. Despite the obvious reasons for this, this article outlines undisputable key facts. An OECD report describes the negative relationship between a country’s gender gap and its standard of living. It also estimates that an increase of women in employment could lead to economic growth and could boost GDP in the region by up to 12% over the coming 15 years.

Today, the world of engineering is still dominated by men. Efforts to attract and retain talent so far appear to be insufficient to address future needs. Currently, 50% of jobs require tech skills. Within the next ten years, that will rise to 77%. And as new technologies give rise to the need for new skills, there is a greater risk of widening the gender gap. So, the commitment to achieve gender equality must increase as the rate of innovation increases and digital technologies transform the industrial world.

But what is GE doing about this in the UK and Ireland?

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