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GE Gender Pay Gap Report

GE Gender Pay Gap Report

Careers: Diversity

GE Gender Pay Gap Report

In line with new Government Regulations,  GE is publishing its first annual Gender Pay Gap report. GE has 13 legal entities which are in scope to report and has also prepared a gender pay gap report which covers GE’s entire UK workforce.

We Are Striving To Address The Gender Diversity Gap

GE regularly reviews its approach to pay equity and we are confident that we offer equal pay between our male and female populations undertaking comparable work. 

As a Digital Industrial Company, we rely on highly-skilled workers from STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) related fields. The UK-wide under-representation of females in these fields from school age through to later career is well documented and GE also recognises the importance of achieving more balanced gender representation within its workforce. GE recognises that it is not possible to provide overnight solutions but we are fully committed to leading and accelerating this change with continued vigour and focus. 

Download the report here.