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GE Careers

Employee Training:

Globally, GE invests $1 billion each year on training and education, making us the world’s best company for leaders in 2015. GE offers numerous development, training and leadership programs to its employees across the region. These opportunities include our Commercial Leadership Program, Financial Management Program, GE Engineering Management Program, internships for undergraduate and graduate students, and technical and soft skill training for businesses personnel.

Leadership Development:

More than 300 customers and government officials have attended training programs at GE’s Crotonville facility. PTT Group talent development program - more than 100 PTT Group employees have attended leadership and skill development programs at Crotonville and in Bangkok and the GE Oil & Gas University.

GE Women’s Network:

Created to accelerate the advancement of women working at GE by sharing information, best practices, education, and experience, the Women’s Network hub in Thailand has been organizing activities each year to strengthen this mission. These activities include seminars such as Leadership Coaching, Digital Industrial knowledge.

Additionally, CSR initiatives have also been conducted such as cap knitting and bra cushioning for cancer patients as well as an auction to raise funds for several orphanages.

GE Foundation / GE Volunteers Network:

GE Foundation has been granting scholarship to over 160 Thai students in seven fields of study: Accounting, Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics, and Engineering (mechanical, chemical, environmental, computer, electrical and telecommunications), Environment and Mathematics/Physics. Each year, ten scholars are granted funding for their three-year studies. Between 2008-2016, GE provided $488,000 for scholarship grants.

In 2015, GE Volunteers engaged with 10th & 11th Grade students in the “JA Be Entrepreneurial” program to help them start on entrepreneurial ventures while still in high school. The program aims to enhance students’ learning of the following concepts and skills: business plan, competitive advantages, marketing, management, market needs, among others.

GE Foundation in partnership with Plan International and Hill Area and Community Development Foundation has provided vocational and entrepreneurial training for young women in northern Thailand. The aim is to prevent early marriage, unwanted pregnancies and human trafficking or cheap labor. The young women include those from the hill tribes and are stateless, aged between 15-25 years old in Mae Chan and Mae Fah Luang Districts of Chiang Rai Province.

GE Foundation has donated over $150,000 to this cause and GE Volunteers contributes more than 2,000 man-hours every year.

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