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Human Rights & Supply Chain

As a diversified, global company with growth in emerging markets, and as a provider of infrastructure around the world, GE regularly confronts complex human rights challenges.

Human Rights & Supply Chain

As a diversified, global company with growth in emerging markets, and as a provider of infrastructure around the world, GE regularly confronts complex human rights challenges.

GE Human Rights

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Human Rights

GE regularly confronts complex human rights challenges in its various businesses and throughout the world.

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Modern Slavery

GE supports efforts to prevent the global epidemic of forced labor in its operations and those of its supply chain.

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Partnerships & Initiatives

Collaborating with expert stakeholders locally and globally is integral to GE's human rights program.

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Women in the Middle East

GE supports women in the Middle East, who are a highly educated, energized talent source.

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GE has been committed to improving Myanmar's infrastructure, improving healthcare and easing the energy shortage.

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UN Global Compact Principles Index

GE is proud to be a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2008.

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Principles of Conflict Minerals

GE’s commitment to source responsibly and avoid practices that might support conflict and abuses.

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Conflict Minerals

We submit a report annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission on our due diligence program.

Supplier Diversity

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Supplier Diversity

The GE Supplier Diversity Program was launched in 1974 to ensure that we focus on doing what is right for our communities and our Company. We engage our pool of suppliers for best practices and high-quality goods and services, while enhancing economic opportunity. We believe that excellence in supplier diversity can result in excellence in supply chain management and lead to growth for all. We continually strive to grow our diverse supplier base, and annually, we recognize those in the Company who successfully support our Supplier Diversity Program.

Core components of the GE Supplier Diversity Program are as follows:

  • The Extra Step Award Program, which recognizes and rewards GE employees in the United States for finding, developing and doing business with small, competitive women-, veteran-, LGBT- and minority-owned U.S. suppliers. We present the Extra Step Award to US based employees throughout all of the GE businesses, with senior executives participating in the ceremony. The award includes a trophy, and recognition across the Company, and has been given to more than 600 employees since 1976 for their efforts in finding, developing and doing business with diverse suppliers.
  • Individual businesses also participate in regional and local supplier diversity activities to support their specific business needs.

Sourcing Contacts for Diverse Suppliers

Before submitting your company information, we encourage diverse suppliers to review the GE Business sections of so you can further enhance your understanding of GE and identify which GE businesses are suitable for your company’s products and/or services.

Diverse suppliers can submit company information as follows:

  1. Ensure your company is certified as a diverse supplier. For instructions on how to do this, visit the National Minority Supplier Development Council website or Women’s Business Enterprise National Council website.
  2. Once you have identified a GE business as a potential customer, you should go to that business’ website, follow the instructions on the site to register your company and make sure that, at a minimum, the following information is provided: Company name and description, brief explanation of why your company would be a good fit, supplier diversity certification and your contact information.
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Ethical Supply Chain Program

Suppliers are critical partners in GE’s value chain. As GE’s businesses have globalized, so has our supply chain, including in locations where environment, health, safety, labor, human rights and other practices can be problematic.  We expect our suppliers to obey the laws that require fair treatment of workers, a safe and healthy work environment, and environmental protection.

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Supplier Initiatives

We believe that working with suppliers will enable us to identify projects that will have both operational and environmental benefits while building stronger relationships and reducing our supply chain costs.

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Distinctions & Awards

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Award for Corporate Excellence for Inclusive Hiring in Saudi Arabia

United States Secretary of State, 2016

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Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality

Human Rights Campaign 2018

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Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment

Member, 2017