Hospital Operations Management
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Hospital Operations Management

GE's Hospital Operations Management (HOM) integrates bed assignment, departmental workflow, patient flow, transport, and equipment management to reduce wait times and enable more efficient quality care to be delivered throughout a patient's stay, from admissions to discharge. HOM can save hospitals both time and money, plus help reduce the inefficiencies that cost hospitals millions of dollars each year.

The Industrial Internet Makes Industries Work Better

New ecosystems of connected machines have the potential to increase efficiency, minimize waste, and make the people operating them smarter. See how the Industrial Internet is changing the way we work.

Conor McKechnie
Global Public Affairs at GE Healthcare

Future technology could result in a wide array of cognitive and physical enhancers being used by healthy people.

Rob Calice
Business Analysis Leader at GE Healthcare

HIXs are not unlike HIEs: They too will need to integrate and manage large amounts of complex data

Mike Harsh
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

RT @GE_Reports: Industrial Internet: Reinventing the Industrial Revolution


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