Super Materials Forged by Brilliant Scientists

Lynn DeRose
Principal Investigator, Distributed Intelligent Systems Lab

Happy Pi Day! Proud geeks at #GE Research!

Eric Ruggiero
Gas Turbine Heat Transfer Researcher

This is the definition of impact. A father whose research helps fight pediatric cancer for his son, Adam: @GEResearch

Carlos Haertel
Managing Director, Global Research — Europe

General Electric Brings 3D Printing Pop-Up to DC

Advanced Ceramics in the Cauldron of Fire

Ceramic matrix composites in the LEAP engine, which goes into service in 2016, will make jet engines lighter and more fuel efficient compared to the engines they replace.

Read about ceramic matrix composites

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From building next-gen jet engines in America to powering Africa to curing disease in Asia, GE made more of what the world needs in 2013.

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