Advanced steam path upgrades

Improving flexibility for output

Steam turbines generally have a working life of 30 years or more. During this time, improvements in technology enable designs of greater efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. However, because large generation assets are difficult to replace, operation is often extended, and additional reliability issues arise. From a full advanced steam path (ASP) solution to tailored upgrades for high-pressure (HP), intermediate-pressure (IP), and low-pressure (LP) cylinders, we provide you with the right cost-effective option to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of your GE or other OEM steam turbines.

Advanced steam path (ASP) upgrade: Many of the advantages of new technology can be applied by replacing major components on an existing machine. This alleviates plant changes, as well as related civil engineering work. Upgrades involving a new rotor, known as retrofits, can be applied to individual cylinders, or the entire turbine. Digital solutions, such as performance management and rotor stress control, can also be implemented to address reliability and flexibility.

Dense pack upgrade for your HP/IP module: This upgrade solution can help decrease aerodynamic losses and leakages within the steam path to help drive better efficiency across your entire power plant cycle. These upgrades are available for high-pressure (HP) or high-pressure/intermediate-pressure (HP/IP) sections of fossil units—typically 300 MW or larger—that are scheduled for an outage within the next three or more years, or that have extensive maintenance needs.

ASP upgrade for fossil LP rotors and back end optimization: Delivering up to a 2.5% improvement in turbine output—due to increased annulus area and better steam path flow—this upgrade can reduce outage duration by 21 days, compared to rotor FineLine* weld repairs during unplanned outages. A well-integrated system control approach provides automation to reach optimal conditions and reduce operator involvement and variability. The new alarm and trip limits expand the safe operating space, particularly for sites that have experienced operating limitations on hot summer days due to limitations of air-cooled condensers. The LP rotor replacement is applicable to all units that are experiencing reliability issues due to SCC or other similar phenomena.

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Advanced steam path upgrade

Discover how the advanced steam path (ASP) upgrades are typically installed to help increase steam turbine performance, including efficiency, emissions, flexibility, and reliability.


Additional steam turbine upgrades

ASP upgrade for nuclear steam turbines

We can customize a solution to increase the output, improve emissions, extend asset life or enhanced operational flexibility to run at lower loads or on a non-traditional fuel.

“Built-up” rotors can experience stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in nuclear environments. Increase your reliability with our LP Monoblock rotor and section upgrades.

The LP Monoblock Rotor and more

The LP Monoblock Rotor offers the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduces SCC susceptibility in the wheel dovetails
  • Reduces rotor in-service inspection scope due to boreless rotor
  • Improves output and heat rate for units with the 43-inch L-0, resulting in up to 1% improvement in output

The LP section upgrade offers the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduces SCC issues through new low-stress dovetail configuration
  • Improves turbine output and heat rate:
    – 38- to 43-inch L-0 stage bucket delivers up to 4.5% in output improvement
    – L-0 stage bucket delivers up to 3.5% in output improvement
  • Delivers reduced inspection requirements and an extended rotor inspection interval of 10 years

Steam turbine valve upgrade

We have a wealth of experience in upgrading valves on many fleets and machine types. The most common way to achieve significant benefits is to upgrade the parts to improved, modern technologies.

Nuclear steam turbine and valve upgrades

To correct SCC issues, we offer LP Monoblock rotors and LP section upgrades that eliminate shaft and wheel bore crevices where harmful SCC contaminants can concentrate and reduce wheel stresses.

Our technologies can be adapted to the geometry, layout and interfacing steam turbine systems of the unit under consideration. We have also developed a digital package with additional sensors to provide assessment functions for valve monitoring and diagnostics, including solid particle erosion, clearance life, casing life and actuator performance, etc. Our valve upgrades offer the following benefits:

  • Lifetime extension
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Control improvement
  • Digital enhancement
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