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Why wait for a forced outage when you can have GE investigate the condition of your Chinese OEM units and develop a quick solution to keep you online? Explore our areas of steam turbine fleet expertise, including servicing units from Dongfang, Harbin, and Shanghai Electronics, and learn how we can partner with you to improve the performance and reliability of your existing units.

In addition to fixing some recurring issues and preventing unplanned outages, we have also helped to create approximately $300 million USD in additional value to our customers through an increase in power, reduction in fuel consumption, and extended outage intervals.

Steam turbine blade failure

Our solution includes quick onsite support and the re-engineering of blades with improved material and/or design to provide enhanced performance and quality.

We have observed 28 Chinese OEM units across multiple brands like Dongfang and Habrin with steam turbine blade failure issues to date for 300 MW and 600 MW class units globally.

Rotor bending

Our solution includes onsite balancing of the rotor, and if needed the rotor will be shipped to one of our repair shops for heat straightening and machining.

We have repaired multiple bent steam turbines from Chinese OEM to date.

Our rotor repair services can be completed within 4 – 10 weeks, potentially saving our customers $10–12 MM by reducing turbine downtime.


Our solution includes onsite 3D scans for measurements and a re-engineered solution using better materials to improve performance.

Valve spindle sticking or breakage, steam leakages, and valve seat cracks can cause your turbine to overspeed and impact the safety of your fleet. We have observed more than 10 cases and repaired three units recently—and we can address all your valve internals within two to three weeks, potentially saving up to $3 million by reducing turbine downtime.

Rotor steeple

Our solution includes repair or replacement of rotor with an improved design to enhance performance. Solution depends on specific steeple design.

Steam turbine rotor steeple cracks can lead to catastrophic equipment failure. We have successfully completed rotor steeple repairs on 5 units and put them back online in 8 – 10 weeks—compared to the average delivery time of 10-12 months for a new rotor—potentially saving our customers up to $10 million by reducing turbine downtime.

Read about how we installed a new generator rotor with a reliable cooling system at Indonesia's Labuan Power Plant.

Sealing clearance

Our solution includes readjustment or replacement of sealings within a standard outage schedule, resulting in a heat rate improvement of up to 1%.

Clearance issues in flow path and shaft end sealings can result in poor performance, shaft end leakage, high steam extraction, and serious turbine damage. We have successfully executed more than 20 major outages, including adjustments on all turbine sealing clearances and replacement of sealings when needed.

Stator bar

Our solution includes stator bar flushing, leakage repairs, and overhang vibration.

Does your installed fleet have known generator issues, including stator bar blockages, leakages and overhang vibrations?

We have successfully completed clearance repairs on Chinese OEM generators, potentially saving our customers up to $8 million by reducing generator downtime.

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Join our on-demand webinar and Q&A session to learn about GE Steam Power’s services for your Chinese OEM steam turbines and generators, and how we’ve been able to address known issues for our customers.

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Interested in learning more about how GE can help repair your Chinese OEM steam turbine and generator? Our blog series provides additional information, insights, and stories from GE experts. Stay tuned for additional blog posts to come!

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Customer stories

Solving blade failure issues


Last Stage LP Diaphragm with hollow blades of 330 MW make was not in satisfactory condition, due to fatigue cracking of the fabrication weld joining the stationary blades to the outer rim. GE re-engineered and used their superior welding design capabilities to supply new LP Diaphragm, fabricating the largest diaphragms in India.

—Mundhra, 4 × 330 MW, India

Overcoming rotor bending issues


GE has completed the capital overhaul of 300 MW Turbine from 7th July to 15th September 2014. The unit is running satisfactorily.

—JSW Bellary, 300 MW, India

Valve overhaul


In September 2019, the GE team successfully performed a 28-day major overhaul of the Tiroda thermal power plant’s 660 MW turbine and generator set. The scope of work included getting the unit back on barring gear and synchronized, HIP inner casing drain line repair and in-situ repair of governing valve seats. GE’s emphasis on Environment, Health and Safety aspects were noteworthy and were clearly demonstrated by the team while executing the outage.

—Tiroda, 660 MW, India

Upgrading rotor steeples


Steeple cracks were observed in the boiler feed pump turbine’s rotor grooves on multiple units. GE studied the root cause with precision and proposed design and constructional modification to mitigate cracking problems. GE supplied two new rotors with upgraded design, one of which has been in service and running satisfactorily.

—Mundhra, BFPTs for 660 MW units, India

Sealing clearance issues


GE Power has carried out a capital overhaul of 600 MW turbine and generator in one of our units at the Salalya power plant. During the period from March 6, 2016 (off barring) to April 13, 2016 (on barring). The unit was back to production on April 17 according to time schedule with significant performance improvement (around 30kcal/kwh of the steam turbine).

—Salalya, 600 MW, India

Replacing stator bars


We congratulate the entire team of GE for successful completion of one top and one bottom bar replacement in 600MW generator stator, unit #1 at Udupi power plant. GE demonstrated their commitment to timely mobilize the required material and T&P to carry out the required work.

—Udupi, 2 x 600 MW, $8.4 MM additional revenue

Providing a full rotor rewind


In India, a Dong Fang Electric generator showed signs of earth fault, stopping any electricity production from the unit. After inspections, our teams advised a full rotor rewind and balancing at Sanand factory.  
GE Power was the only service provider able to meet an aggressive timeline of 55 days for a full rotor rewind, including engineering, coil removal, cleaning and reassembly, as well as balancing. We were able to deliver the equipment eight days in advance, saving $4 million USD for our customer.

—Dong Fang, 1 generator, $4 million USD savings, India

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