Upgrade your generators for flexible operations

Replacing your older generator components with the latest technology

GE’s replacement solutions include engineered replacement configuration for existing other OEM equipment. Replacement solutions include enhanced technical features which were already used and proven on GE equipment. They can fix ageing issues or early deterioration on young generator.

You might face a variety of challenge: your generator is configured for base load but you start operating double shifting, or your generator starts ageing and you want to maintain highest availability, or you want to operate beyond the typical original design life of 40 years, and with a possible uprate, then a replacement solution becomes an option.

Replacement solutions might be the right solution for boosting your generator’s reliability & availability and its output. Replacement components can be configured with latest upgrades for lifetime extension, performance improvement and flexible operation.

Your older generator components can also be refurbished, repaired and kept on hand as a spare or used on another generator.



Replacement solutions for generators


  • All MW range, from industrial to nuclear plants
  • For generators with early failure mechanisms observed
  • For extended power uprate projects
  • For shifting from base load to flexible operation mode
  • On both GE machines and selected other OEM generators


  • Replacement of the complete generator with modern technology features such as stainless steel stator winding and greater connectivity will reduce the costs of maintenance and optimize availability of your assets.
  • Replacement of a complete rotor with modern cyclic duty upgrades will enhance the reliability and availability of your generator
  • Optional spare concept by refurbishing old rotors, lowering your plant downtime.

Your added value

  • Ability to respond and contain within a planned outage window with a replacement rotor.
  • Reduced forced outage time by several weeks relative to a rotor rewind
  • Extended plant life with up to date replacement generator technologies
  • Replacement solutions help increase plant reliability and availability