Generator parts solutions

Make the most of your generator’s lifecycle

Our parts solutions teams, our panel of qualified suppliers around the globe and our logistic platforms will help ensure you have the parts you need, when you need them.

Create your spare parts strategy

Work with us to create a generator parts strategy for the installed generator assets at your power plant. With generator parts on hand, you will be able to reduce downtime in case of a major component failure and make sure any emergent activities during planned inspections can be handled during the outage.


Generator parts we offer for GE and selected other OEM generators:


Off-the-shelf and engineered outage parts & consumables including:

  • Stator slot wedging kits
  • Mechanical assembly hardware
  • Accessories for auxiliary systems

Strategic long lead items, including:

  • Stator bars
  • Rotor coils
  • Bearings
  • Coolers
  • Balance of plant items
Improving reliability

Durable components for your generator

Stator end-winding consolidation kits

This retrofit kit is designed to reduce risks of premature generator rewinds. Configured for specific other OEM generators, they can be adapted to fit your units.

Blocking of phase rings arms, phase dropper’s consolidation, stator bar ends lacing are some solutions to remove local nodes @100Hz. These parts solutions will be implemented to increase the reliability of your assets and can be done during a typical major outage duration by local service specialists. Keep your costs under control by avoiding major disassembly on the end winding structure and special tools.

Stator water alkalization system

Oxides build up in copper hollow conductors of stator windings and in the stator cooling water systems of water-cooled generators.

It will impact the reliability due to possible plugging and therefore reduced cooling efficiency, stator bar overheating, reduced power output. A pre-assembled skid can be configured with automated injection principle to ensure high pH-Value. The skid is equipped with direct monitoring of all relevant water parameters possible (Conductivity, Oxygen content …). This parts solution is available of selected other OEM hydrogen-cooled generators.