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Can GE service my generator? YES.

Learning every day from our extensive installed fleet, we have the global expertise and local reach to enhance your generator reliability and availability. We are continuously investing in our generator services portfolio to bring the most advanced technologies to your plant and ensure you can stay up and running with optimized maintenance activities.

Added value

Lifecycle generator services

Extensive expertise

As a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we have a deep and diverse generator heritage and operational feedback from one of the largest installed fleets of generators. This positions GE to provide lifecycle services for generators of any size and cooling technology.

GE delivers high value to operators in ways quite different from traditional service providers:

  • Digital solutions including remote online monitoring to support condition-based maintenance
  • In-situ robotic inspection to reduce inspection time and lower maintenance costs
  • Generator rewinds using the proven stainless steel technology for higher reliability
Customer story

Improving South Africa’s grid reliability

As part of Eskom’s maintenance program set out to improve the technical performance of old plants, improving Kriel power station’s performance was critical in adding some much-needed MW back into the grid.

25 years

lifetime extension


GE’s scope was to design, manufacture, and replace the station’s 40-year-old stator core. Once installed, the generator would play an integral part in reducing downtime, improving operating hours and extending the lifetime of the power plant by up to 25 years.


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We can help you manage your steam plant generator by providing straightforward solutions. 

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