Harness the power of digital today

Digitize your steam power plant

By embracing digitalization, you can apply unprecedented insights, new capabilities, and innovative business models to capture opportunities across your entire steam power plant. The convergence of hardware, digital software, and advanced analytics is disrupting the status quo and ushering in a new era where reactive becomes predictive, and limits get pushed to new heights.


Can GE help me harness the power of digital for my plant?

YES. GE’s Industrial Internet capabilities are positioning you to harness and monetize in ways like never before. The digital steam power plant is a suite of hardware and software solutions that enable our customers to improve the management of all the critical assets and adapt to changing market conditions.

Our platform of apps and analytics adds the power you need to break through new barriers in performance, predictability, and profitability. This is the Power of Yes.

Steam Plant applications

Digital benefits for your steam power plant

Asset management

By predicting potential equipment failures and quickly diagnosing related issues, digital asset management reduces unplanned downtime and improves availability.

For a typical steam power plant, a reliability improvement of up to 1% may translate into a potential savings of over $1 million USD per year. Additionally, the software helps develop customized maintenance strategies that enhance your plant reliability while reducing overall maintenance needs from 10 to 15%.

Operations performance management

Operations performance management (OPM) provides you with critical decision support and improves productivity by pushing the operating envelope to capitalize on more economic operations for every steam power plant in your fleet.

Enabled by edge-to-cloud technology, the solution analyzes historical, plant, and other data sources to deliver executable advice or close the loop and drive desired outcomes for better efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. In a typical example case, a 0.75% heat rate improvement may translate into a potential savings of up to $880,000 USD per year.

Digital worker

We know your best asset is your team and our Digital Worker software can augment the abilities of workers of every skill level. Mobile service delivery solutions, paired with predictive analytics, give your team the information they need when they need it—whether remotely or on-site—enabling greater collaboration with other team members to accelerate knowledge sharing.


Our expertise in operational technology cybersecurity can help you plan, design, and build operational resilience into people, processes and technology. We use a cohesive risk management approach to address cybersecurity challenges throughout the evolution of your company’s security maturity.