Conversions and more

Fuel changes and conversions

Whether you require a switch from design fuel to a different fuel for emissions, economics or other reasons, we have extensive experience in all types of conversion and co-firing applications and can customize a solution for your specific plant. Many factors need to be assessed when considering a fuel switch or co-firing addition.

Our experience

  • Coal to different coal
  • Coal to biomass or natural gas
  • Oil to natural gas or coal
  • Any combination of the above as a partial conversion or multi-fuel firing

Types of fuel conversions

Natural Gas

We have one of the largest U.S. installed bases as well as more than 60 years of proven experience firing natural gas in utility and industrial fossil steam units. This experience includes firing natural gas as the main fuel, co-firing natural gas with multiple fuels, and adding gas firing to existing units.


Globally, we have performed 26 coal to biomass conversions and co-firings. From small industrial sized units to utility as large as 800 MW. Vast experience in new build biomass (built 73 new biomass units).


  • Lower SOx, mercury, particulate, NOx, and ash---and in the case of 100% conversion to natural gas, no SOx, particulate or ash, emissions, adding environmentally friendly biomass
  • Higher turndown ratio, up to 10:1 depending on gas supply pressure at the burner front and equipment configuration-flexibility
  • Ability to balance fuel usage and leverage fuel suppliers for economics and supply
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