AQCS diagnostics

Upgrade solutions for Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)

As a one-stop shop, GE Steam Power will work with you to conduct a thorough evaluation of your plant’s technical and economic conditions, helping you select the right AQCS upgrade—either mechanical, electrical, or a combination of both.

Switched integrated rectifier (SIR)

Our patented SIR technology reduces particulate matter emission levels and helps improve overall ESP performance without the need for costly extensions. With more than 5,500 SIR units in operation around the world, we offer a wide range of advanced high-voltage power supplies for ESPs to meet your plant’s requirements.

Benefits of ESP upgrades include:

  • Reduction of up to 70% of particulate emissions—including levels below 10 mg/Nm3—as compared to conventional technology
  • Installation on new or existing ESPs from GE and other manufacturers
  • Upgrades to power and industrial ESPs, such as cement and pulp & paper
  • Offers more than 95% electrical efficiency

Electrostatic precipitator integrated controller (EPIC)

GE’s electrostatic precipitator integrated controller (EPIC) is an ESP bus-section controller for transformer rectifier sets (T/Rs). It uses software algorithms like electrostatic precipitator optimizing of charge (EPOQ) and opacity optimization (OpOpt) to obtain enhanced performance from the ESP. As well as saving energy, EPIC helps particulate emissions drop as low as 20 mg/Nm3.

ESP software for highly-resistant fly ashes (EPOQ and OpOpt)

Building on proven process experience in particulate matter control, GE’s electrostatic precipitator optimizing of charge (EPOQ) software is an intelligent solution for improved ESP performance. With self-adjusting algorithms and individual bus-control, emissions can decrease while power consumption improves when handling highly-resistive fly ashes.

Reducing operating costs

Upgrade solutions for Fabric Filters (FF)

Because they feature higher removal efficiencies, fabric filter (FF) upgrades can help achieve even greater reductions in particulate matter emissions while continuing to maintain power plant performance and availability over the entire lifecycle. With an FF upgrade, customers can also reduce operating costs with a quick return on investment.

Electronic fabric filter integrated control (EFFIC)

The electronic fabric filter integrated controller (EFFIC) helps modernize power plant control systems on new or existing units. This intelligent controller drives the pulse jet FF by using actual process conditions—instead of traditional methods where the pulse control system must be programmed into the distributed control system (DCS).

However, if an EFFIC is used as an interlink between the FF and DCS, the DCS programming is simplified. The DCS will send a signal to the EFFIC, and the EFFIC will automatically control the entire array of FF functions and alarms.

Benefits of EFFIC upgrades include:

  • Longer bag life
  • Lower emissions
  • Controlled absorbent consumption
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